Samsung Devices Offered Best 5G Speeds, iPhone 12 Disappoints: Opensignal

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Apple needs to work on its 5G game. The latest iPhone 12 series, the first to feature 5G devices from the company, didn’t even rank in the top 25 when the best devices for 5G were listed. According to a report from Opensignal, a mobile analytics company, Samsung devices captured the highest download speeds when connected with a 5G network. The report suggests that the iPhone 12 series users in the US saw 18% lesser 5G download speeds when compared to the users operating a Samsung 5G smartphone.

Samsung Tops the List in 5G Followed by OnePlus and Google

Samsung was ahead of OnePlus by a very short margin in providing the best 5G download speeds. The Samsung device leading the list in the best 5G devices was the Galaxy S21 5G.

Samsung’s device got an average 5G downloading speed of 54 Mbps (5G) and 34 Mbps (4G). A very little behind OnePlus delivered an average 5G downloading speed of 53.1 Mbps, but it delivered a faster 4G speed than Samsung of 38.4 Mbps.

After OnePlus, Google stood at the third position with an average downloading speed of 52.2 Mbps (5G) and the best 4G downloading speed of 38.6 Mbps. LG got an average 5G downloading speed of 47.9 Mbps and 28.9 Mbps 4G speeds.

Amongst the aforementioned brands, Apple’s 5G and 4G speeds were the worst. Apple iPhone 12 series offered an average 5G downloading speed of 44.5 Mbps and 4G downloading speed of 18.9 Mbps.

In terms of growth from the previous devices, Apple saw a 2.3 times rise in downloading speeds. But then, it was shifting from 4G to 5G, so a big gap is not surprising. Samsung registered a speed growth of 1.6 times with its new devices.

Both OnePlus and Google registered 1.4 times growth in downloading speeds. As in the case of LG, its growth rate was 1.7 times. Apple needs to improve its 5G with the iPhone 13 series, which is very likely to happen.

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