Google Chrome New Feature Makes it 13% Faster for Android Devices

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One of the most popular and widely used internet browsing applications, Google Chrome has become 13% faster than before for Android smartphones. Google Chrome 89 is the latest version that is available for Android devices at the moment. The browser has become lightning-fast and more responsive with the addition of a new feature. This new feature will keep the ‘freeze-dried’ tabs or the tabs that you left open on your last browsing session in a lightweight version which will allow the users to interact with the tab while it actually opens in the background — more details on the feature ahead.

Google Chrome 89 ‘Freeze-Dried’ Tabs Feature

The Chrome will save the tab you left open on your last browsing session in a lightweight version that will only take a size of a screenshot. This lightweight version of the page will be visible to you whenever you reopen it.

Users can interact with the lightweight version of the page, meaning they can scroll up and down the page and even tap on any links present. During all this time, the actual heavyweight page will be loading in the background.

Further, the latest version of Google Chrome for Android is expected to boot up 7.5% faster on startup, and there should be improvements in the memory usage by the app. Users should also experience less amount of crashes.

Google has said that the latest version of Chrome will render 8% better, will have a 3% better GPU, and overall browser process performance should go up by 22%.

The search engine giant has also confirmed the 64-bit Google Chrome for Android that will arrive for devices having at least 8GB of RAM and running on Android 10. The 64-bit Google Chrome application for Android should have 28% smoother scrolling and 8.5% fast loading with less input latency.

The latest version of Google Chrome for Android can be downloaded from here - Download.

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