How to replace a damaged Jio SIM or switch between prepaid and postpaid services without changing the SIM card

There have been quite a lot of reports in the past suggesting that many users prefer Reliance Jio as a secondary SIM rather than using it as their primary SIM. Whether it still holds true or not even today is a discussion for another day. But, if we assume it still does, chances are some of you will be switching your Jio SIM from one slot to the other or even between different phones frequently. In this process, it’s highly likely for you to misplace the SIM card or damage it.

If that’s the case, you’ll obviously visit the store where you got hold of the Jio SIM in the hope of replacement. But, you may not be likely to get a replacement there as Jio has dedicated stores to take care of these issues. Before we delve into further details regarding these stores let us tell you where not to visit should you have any problems with your Jio SIM card.

You shouldn’t be looking at these stores

Most of you may not be aware of this but, Jio store, Digital Xpress Mini Store or Reliance Digital or any other franchise don’t provide a replacement for your damaged/lost SIM card. Well, at least that’s what we experienced.

Sure, they are exactly the places to get a new Jio SIM/Connection using eKYC but not the right place to get the SIM replaced. Which brings us to where you should be looking at.

Instead, pay a visit to this place!

There are actually special service centers of Jio/ LYF brand to provide dedicated customer service for issues like these. While these centers do offer various kinds of services, they certainly do take SIM replacement/lost/migration requests.

So, even if you visit Jio store, Digital Xpress Mini store or any other stores mentioned above, you’ll most likely be redirected to these dedicated service centers.

Also, as noted above, these centers are exactly the place where you should be paying a visit if you want to migrate from postpaid to prepaid services or vice versa. Speaking of which….

Here’s our experience with the migration process

As any of you’d do, we first called the customer care to get an insight into the migration process only to learn that these kinds of requests will only be entertained at Jio store outlet.

And, when we visited the nearest Jio store/ Reliance Digital store for migration, we were redirected to — you guessed it — the dedicated customer service center.

From then, it was pretty much all about raising the request and submitting the proper documents since the facility was not yet tagged to eKYC.

On Submitting the required documents, we were subjected to a tele-verification process post which the services were activated. All of this happened in under 30 minutes with proper acknowledgement requests being sent via email and SMS.

Just in case you were wondering, the MyJio application was of no help in providing the details of these particular service centers as they are not listed on the ‘Find a store or a hotspot’ map.

Key highlights of the service

  • The entire migration process from postpaid to prepaid took under 30 minutes from the time of request submission, as mentioned earlier.
  • You don’t need a new SIM card after migrating to prepaid services from postpaid (or vice versa). Yes, that’s right. You can continue to enjoy the services without any hassles.
  • Activation services are truly fast and digital with effective communication sent to the consumers.
  • The account migration information, i.e., prepaid in our case was in sync with the MyJio app.

What Reliance Jio should consider doing

A proper information regarding services like SIM replacement, migration from prepaid to postpaid (or vice versa) should be made available to the users. Also, the same information should be made available on MyJio app as well.

We have also created a video describing the same process as well as our experience with the migration process. Check that out and of course, like, share, comment, and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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May 11, 2017 3:35 pm 3:35 PM

What’s the need of replacement? Just throw it away. That’s all.

May 8, 2017 9:07 am 9:07 AM

jio’s new 10mhz band 40 signal goes live in trivandrum kerala…waiting for CA getting B40 20MHZ and B40 10MHZ signals seperatly…

May 8, 2017 10:48 am 10:48 AM

Bro, how do you got this info from phone ?

May 7, 2017 11:29 pm 11:29 PM

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