Reliance Jio takes the green towers a step further, erects towers that look like trees

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Recently we reported that Reliance Jio is going green with the construction of Eco-friendly green towers in Goa which cause much less harm to the environment through radiation emission. Now the ambitious operator is taking this concept a step further with the construction of towers which blend in more aesthetically with the surroundings by looking like trees.


The bulky looking metallic telecom towers and network equipment on top of buildings could be a thing of the past. Reliance Jio is piloting the initiative of camouflaged 4G mobile towers. This coconut tree (in the picture) is actually a camouflaged 4G mobile tower that has been set up at various locations.

This 4G coconut tree mobile tower is a 25 meters tall structure set up with Chinese & Indian technology. The new structure requires comparatively smaller space than conventional towers. This tower comprises of a tubular galvanized steel structure founded on a RCC foundation as per IS standards. The trunk is custom formulated by poly urethane & also leaves are made of PU environmental materials which gives it a natural green look.

Mobile towers are mostly disguised as trees native to an area, mainly for aesthetic reasons, keeping the existing green cover in mind. Setting up camouflaged towers is a flourishing trend in developed countries. Landscape mobile towers go with the ambience of the area & this innovative structure will also add to the tourist attractions, feel the Authorities.

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