Reliance Jio Expanding 4G in Kerala, Everything to Know

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Reliance Jio, India’s number one telecom operator, is expanding its 4G in Kerala. The telco has decided to increase its 4G power by up to 15% in the state this year to offer seamless connectivity services to its users. The demand for 4G services has risen quite significantly in the state's tier-2 towns and villages. For the unaware, Jio is the biggest network in Kerala at present with over 12,000 true 4G network sites. It will further increase this to provide even better quality services to its users — more details on the story ahead.

Reliance Jio Expanding 4G in Kerala to Meet Higher Demand

According to a report from Mathrubhumi, Jio has more than 1 crore (10 million) users living in the state, and the demand for better connectivity and the number of users is increasing as days pass by. Thus to meet the extra demand, Jio will expand its 4G by 15% in 2021 at Kerala.

Since more and more people are working and learning from their homes, it makes sense that people need seamless connectivity to do their tasks. Even in rural areas, because of the pandemic, people couldn’t step out of their homes which increased the need for connectivity in those areas.

According to the report, data consumption has increased by 35% since April 2020. People don’t step out of their homes much; they rely on over-the-top (OTT) content or online gaming for entertaining themselves. For all of this, a true 4G network with less latency is required.

It is worth noting that Jio has already installed around 30 towers for increasing the range of connectivity in Kerala looking at the requests people were making. Jio has been able to keep people connected during the pandemic resulting in its visitor location register (VLR) increasing by 72% post-pandemic.

Thus in the year ahead, Jio users in Kerala are expected to get even better 4G services from the telco.

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