PUBG Mobile: Experience Nordic Terrain and 15 Minute Matches With the All New Livik Map

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PUBG Mobile has been a hit in the gaming market. It keeps on adding new updates to the game to enhance the gameplay experience for the users. Yesterday, PUBG Mobile announced its latest map - Livik. It will be a map like none other. If you are a lover of quick matches, then you will certainly enjoy this one. PUBG Mobile hasn’t revealed any specifics of the map. An interesting thing to note is that this map is the first one which is made especially for PUBG Mobile. Rest of the maps were introduced in PUBG PC first and then in the Mobile version of the game.

PUBG Mobile Livik Map Details

PUBG Mobile has introduced quick matches and short TDM mode games earlier to serve the needs of players who want to play short matches when they don’t have a lot of time. But the new Livik map will be a much better experience for the players. This map will entertain a total of 40 players in a single game. The size of the map will be two by two kilometres. Expected time for a single match to finish will be 15 minutes at max. This is almost half the time one regular match needs to complete.

Don’t be disappointed with the size of the new map though. Even though it is small, you will get to see many exciting things on the map. PUBG Mobile has decided to use the Nordic Terrain as the theme for its new map. There will be a volcano, waterfall, and hot spring amongst a few more other things.

Li, the producer highlighted that “The waterfalls around the map will provide unique interactions with the players not available on other maps.” He hinted at players being able to use surprise tactics to kill other players. The idea with the map is to make it as realistic as possible for the players. There are more details about the PUBG Mobile Livik map that is yet to come. This map will certainly help in providing the exclusivity to mobile players of the game.

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