Pan India Mobile Operator Code section updated with 65+ new MSC codes

Every telecom operator in the world is assigned a binumeral number to identify its network. The first part of this number is known as Mobile Country Code (MCC) and the other part is known as the Mobile Network Code (MNC) and they are represented in MCC-MNC format. The MCC for the operator remains constant throughout the country while the MNC varies from circle to circle.For example if during manual network search on your mobile you see an operator with code 405-827 you would know that it is Videocon telecom in Gujarat circle.

Along with assigning the MNC codes, the Department of telecommunications also assigns a number series to each operator in different circles called the MSC code. This constitutes the first 5 digits of your mobile number. Dot keeps assigning new MSC codes to operators who manage to garner a subscriber base of over a million subscribers in a licensed service area.

It has been a long time since we last updated the Mobile operator codes section of our site and there have been 65 new MSC codes that have been allocated by DOT to operators since the last update. This also includes MSC codes which were previously allotted to operators whose licenses were quashed by the government in Feb 2012.

Below is a list of the 65 updated MSC codes. For further details click on the Mobile operator codes option in the top menu bar.

Series Operator Circle Series Operator Circle
9206 Aircel Karnataka 7265 Idea Gujarat
9132 Aircel Assam 9515 Idea Andhra Pradesh – Telangana
7269 Aircel Uttar Pradesh (E) 9133 Idea Andhra Pradesh – Telangana
7270 Aircel Uttar Pradesh (E) 7871 Idea Tamil Nadu + Chennai
7271 Aircel Uttar Pradesh (E) 8546 Idea Karnataka
7272 Aircel Uttar Pradesh (E) 8548 Idea Karnataka
7273 Aircel Bihar – Jharkhand 8549 Idea Karnataka
7274 Aircel Bihar – Jharkhand 8550 Idea Karnataka
7279 Aircel Bihar – Jharkhand 9061 Idea Kerala
8383 Aircel Delhi 9128 Idea Bihar – Jharkhand
8433 Aircel Delhi 9124 Tata Docomo Orissa
7210 Aircel Delhi 9147 Tata Docomo Kolkata
8268 Aircel Mumbai 9151 Tata Docomo Uttar Pradesh (E)
8599 Aircel Kolkata 7266 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (E)
8620 Aircel Kolkata 7267 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (E)
8621 Aircel Kolkata 7268 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (E)
8622 Aircel Kolkata 9104 Uninor Gujarat
9109 Airtel Madhya Pradesh 9119 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (W)
9172 Airtel Maharashtra 9170 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (W)
9108 Airtel Karnataka 9520 Uninor Uttar Pradesh (W)
8942 Airtel West Bengal 8999 Videocon Gujarat
7899 Airtel Karnataka 9144 Videocon Madhya Pradesh
9079 Airtel Rajasthan 9513 Vodafone Karnataka
9100 Airtel Andhra Pradesh – Telangana 9072 Vodafone Kerala
9116 Airtel Rajasthan 7280 Vodafone Bihar – Jharkhand
9521 Airtel Rajasthan 7281 Vodafone Bihar – Jharkhand
9516 Idea Madhya Pradesh 7282 Vodafone Bihar – Jharkhand
9126 Idea Assam 7283 Vodafone Bihar – Jharkhand
9146 Idea Maharashtra 9073 Vodafone Kolkata
9514 Idea Tamil Nadu 8117 Vodafone Mumbai
9134 Idea West Bengal 8118 Vodafone Mumbai
9071 Idea Karnataka 8270 Vodafone Mumbai
8291 Vodafone Mumbai

Also refer to: Pan India 2015 spectrum holding data sheet

A special thanks to Duane for taking the efforts of updating the data chart for us. Keep reading TelecomTalk for the latest News and Analysis of the Indian telecom industry.

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[…] Also read: Pan India Mobile Operator Code section updated with 65+ new MSC codes […]

September 14, 2015 10:44 am 10:44 AM

I think BSNL and Reliance did not get any MSC code.

September 17, 2015 8:37 pm 8:37 PM

Rightly so BSNL did not add any major customers!
Their PORT IN was way less than their PORT OUT

September 14, 2015 10:32 am 10:32 AM

Please correct the Mobile operator codes sheet as per sheet the Relaince GSm hold the 2300mhz and Jio didn’t. also the jio seriels are not mentioned.

September 17, 2015 8:38 pm 8:38 PM

Anil, pls share the circles with me and Ill correct it.