Optus Introduces AI-Powered Call Effects to Transform Phone Calls

Optus has launched Optus Call Effects, an AI-powered voice function that adds fun and entertainment to traditional phone calls. This feature, part of the Optus Living Network, allows customers to enjoy playful skills during their conversations.


  • Optus introduces Optus Call Effects, an AI-powered voice function.
  • The feature brings fun and playfulness to traditional phone calls.
  • Initial skills include Crystal Ball, Coin Toss, Dinner Roulette, and 21 Questions.

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Optus Introduces AI-Powered Optus Call Effects to Transform Phone Calls

Optus, a telecommunications provider in Australia, has unveiled a new AI-powered voice function called Optus Call Effects. This feature is designed to revolutionize traditional phone calls and evolve a sense of fun and excitement into conversations. Optus says Optus Call Effects is the latest addition to the Optus Living Network, which aims to enhance the overall customer experience through innovative network features.

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Playful Skills of Optus Call Effects

With Optus Call Effects, Australians can now add an element of joy to their everyday phone calls by incorporating playful skills. Whether it's flipping a coin to make decisions, seeking answers to life's questions from a virtual crystal ball, spinning the wheel for dinner choices, or engaging in a game of 21 Questions, Optus Call Effects introduces interactive and entertaining experiences to phone conversations.

Optus Living Network: Enhancing the Customer Experience

According to the statement, the integration of AI technology into phone calls is made possible through Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology, which is also utilized in other features of the Optus Living Network, such as Optus Call Translate and Optus Call Notes. By leveraging this advanced technology, Optus enables customers to trigger a series of light-hearted experiences during their calls, adding a new dimension of entertainment to conversations.

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Availability and Access: Optus Call Effects for Customers

To activate Optus Call Effects, customers simply need to enable the feature through the My Optus app and say, "Hey Optus", during a call. Currently, the product launched with four skills, and more are expected to be introduced in the future to expand the range of fun experiences available to users.

The initial skills include the Crystal Ball, offering answers to deep questions; Coin Toss, leaving decisions up to fate; Dinner Roulette, providing a solution for those indecisive about what to eat; and 21 Questions, facilitating engaging conversations and getting to know each other better.

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Optus says the feature will be available to all Optus customers free of charge through the My Optus app. Initially, it will be accessible for post-paid plan users, with plans to extend availability to prepaid customers later in the year.

Optus Living Network Experience

The Optus Living Network, launched in May 2021, is a comprehensive collection of innovative network features that empower Optus customers to transform their daily connected experiences through the My Optus app.

Optus Living Network Services

The Living Network includes a wide range of services, such as Internet Turbocharge, Mobile Turbocharge, Network Pulse, Unlimited Data Day, Donate Your Data, Donate Your Device, Call Translate, Pause, WiFi Secure, Game Path, Call Notes, and Eco. Optus says it continues to enhance the Living Network by introducing new features to provide customers with unparalleled connectivity and convenience.

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According to the statement, with Optus Call Effects, traditional phone calls are no longer mundane interactions but opportunities for playful engagement and excitement and redefining the way people connect.

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