OnePlus Promises Faster and Stable Updates Post Merger With Oppo

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Post years and years of speculating that the reason for OnePlus settling was the Oppofication of the company, it seems the evidence is now there to support this theory. In recent times, OnePlus, once known as a flagship killing brand has seemingly lost a step and, in doing so, been subject to many queries. In response to this, it has always mentioned that it was a separate entity.

Recently, however, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau had taken on a much bigger role that involved the CEO working for both OnePlus and Oppo and, today, he finally revealed that he will be merging the two brands internally to ensure better efficiency and faster software updates, two aspects in which OnePlus remains decent, but no longer the leader.

In a forum post released today, Pete Lau announced the plans for a New Journey for OnePlus that involved the integration of the teams that run OnePlus and Oppo. This process has begun earlier in the year when OnePlus and Oppo had merged their respective R&D teams, a decision that had many people thinking at the time.

What Does Pete Lau Have to Say

According to Lau though, it has seen positive results and now the remainder of the OnePlus organization will be integrated with fellow BBK owned company OnePlus. The brand and its channels will remain the same, but in the background, the resources used will be shared by the two, at least to some extent.

This effectively hints at a turning point, and, as Pete states as OnePlus has begun growing its product portfolio, it will be able to give you, the user more choices than ever before.

He further mentions that last year he had taken on some additional responsibilities to oversee product strategy for both OnePlus and Oppo. Since then, the company has integrated a number of its teams together with Oppo in order to streamline its operations and capitalize on additional shared resources. After seeing the positive impact of those changes, OnePlus has decided to further integrate the organization with Oppo.

Interestingly, Pete Lau claims that this merger will allow for “faster and more stable software updates” when it comes to OnePlus devices. This is quite good, given how things have been going for OnePlus in terms of software over the past few years.

Ending the post, Lau mentions that OnePlus will continue to launch its products, hosting its own events, and “engaging” with the community. Speaking to the company’s fans, he also stated that the community is a “vital” part of OnePlus and it’s “important” to share updates like these directly.

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