Open Dutch Fiber Expands Coverage in Utrecht Vleuten and Weesp

Open Dutch Fiber's expansion initiative is set to revolutionize internet access in Utrecht Vleuten and Weesp, contributing to the digital evolution of the Netherlands.


  • 4,000 addresses in Utrecht Vleuten and 9,000 addresses in Weesp to benefit from high-speed fiber internet.
  • Ultra-fast internet speeds up to 1 Gbps anticipated in both regions.
  • Open Dutch Fiber's commitment to advancing the nation's digital infrastructure.

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Open Dutch Fiber Expands Coverage in Utrecht Vleuten and Weesp
Open Dutch Fiber (ODF) is set to roll out high-speed fibre internet to thousands of addresses in Utrecht Vleuten and Weesp. ODF stated that this expansion is expected to significantly contribute to the ongoing digital transformation of the Netherlands.

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Fiber Expansion in Utrecht Vleuten

Approximately 4,000 addresses in Utrecht Vleuten are said to benefit from Open Dutch Fiber's initiative. The project, scheduled to kick off in September 2023, aims to provide residents with access to ultra-fast internet via fibre optic technology. According to Open Dutch Fiber, the first households in Utrecht Vleuten can expect to experience internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps as early as January 2024.

The addresses earmarked for this high-speed internet upgrade are spread across various neighbourhoods, including Vleuterweide Noord/Oost/Centrum, Maximapark, Parkweg, Lage Haar, and Rijndijk.

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Fiber Connectivity in Weesp

In a prior announcement made in early August, Open Dutch Fiber revealed plans for fiber expansion in Weesp. Around 9,000 addresses in this area are expected to receive the benefits of high-speed fibre internet. Open Dutch Fiber plans to enable the first households in Weesp to enjoy internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps starting in February 2024.

Open Dutch Fiber has reiterated its commitment to the nation's digital infrastructure, with the aim of narrowing the gap between the Netherlands and other European countries in terms of high-speed internet access.

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The company stated that this initiative aligns with the broader national agenda, focusing on harnessing the potential of digital connectivity for various sectors, including remote work and healthcare services.

With the prospect of faster, more reliable connections, residents in these areas can anticipate enhanced opportunities for remote work, communication, entertainment, and more.

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