OnePlus Nord N100 and Nord N10 5G Might Launch In India

OnePlus decided to change things up for 2020 with the launch of the N100 and N10 5G with the company seemingly planning an India debut soon


OnePlus decided to change things up for 2020, with the company shifting its focus, which was earlier set on its number series of devices, often trading blows with flagships to devices in the cheaper segments. This led to the creation of the Nord series of devices from the company.

The first device from the company under the Nord lineup was oddly called the OnePlus Nord, offering decent specifications along with OnePlus’ best feature, OxygenOS for a relatively cheaper price.

After this, the company decided to launch two other devices under the Nord series, dubbed the Nord N100 and the Nord N10 5G, both of these restricted to the budget segment. However, the company chose to sell it in select markets. It seems however that there has been a change in terms of decisions, as the budget duo could soon enter India.

How Can We Say That The Devices Might Come To India?

As per an automated OnePlus update tracker related Telegram channel (via MySmartPrice), the company on Friday released the India-specific OxygenOS builds for both the OnePlus Nord N100 and the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. Earlier, there were just two regional software builds for these devices, but, with the addition of India, the number of builds has increased to three for both of these devices.

1. OnePlus Nord N100
NA (North America)
EU (Europe)
IN (India)

2. OnePlus Nord N10 5G
GLO (Global)
EU (Europe)
IN (India)

Do note that this is not a sureshot indicator for this, and the brand might not end up launching these devices, since it seems odd, due to the devices being six months old.

According to us, the devices might not launch, since they were not in line with the company’s best for less philosophy, with much better devices on offer for the price.

One can expect the OnePlus Ebba, which is tipped to be launched soon as the successor to the Nord N10 5G since the device was recently certified by BIS.

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