OnePlus 9T Might Not See Light of the Day

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OnePlus 9T

OnePlus, one of the top smartphone brands in India and globally, has a tradition of launching ’T’ model devices in the second half of the year. The company launches its flagship phones usually in the early summer in India, and the ’T’ model makes it to the market by October or November. Many users don’t purchase the devices that come into the market during the summer just so that they can get their hands on the ’T’ model of the same device. Just like every year, OnePlus is expected to launch the OnePlus 9T in India in October. But the company might have shelved its plans of launching the smartphone.

OnePlus 9T Might Not Launch in India, Here’s Why

According to a popular tipster Max Jambor, OnePlus will not be launching the OnePlus 9T this year. The tweet from Jambor doesn’t mention the reason behind this, but it could be due to the global chip shortage.

Every smartphone brand has been facing a chip shortage, and especially the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC, which is in high demand, isn’t available very easily. This could be one of the crucial reasons for OnePlus to not come out with the product.

Last year, OnePlus didn’t come out with the OnePlus 8T Pro like the 7T Pro because the company didn’t really offer many enhancements with the 8T over the regular OnePlus 8, and it might have been the same case with the 8 Pro and the 8T Pro. Thus, another reason for OnePlus to not launch the OnePlus 9T in India can be the fact that it doesn’t really have a lot to offer to the users.

Note that this is just an unconfirmed rumour from a tipster. If OnePlus actually doesn’t plan to come out with the OnePlus 9T, the company will surely come out with a statement explaining the reason.

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