Unbelievable! OnePlus 9, 9 Pro Caught Cheating in Geekbench

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The solid reputation that OnePlus has in the market has taken a huge blow. The company wasn’t under the good press for the last few days because of the announcement of integration with Oppo. To top that off, the OnePlus 9 series has been delisted from ‘Geekbench’ because it was manipulating the benchmark applications. The concern was raised by AnandTech who said there was some ‘weird behaviour’ on the OnePlus 9 Pro. Following up with the concern, the Geekbench team has delisted the OnePlus 9 series devices from its benchmarks platform.

OnePlus Might Have to Save Battery Thus Performance of Apps Lower

Upon verifying, AnandTech found that the actual life performance of the several apps on the OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro was lower than what the Geekbench scores indicate they should be.

OnePlus might not want the users to see a battery life issue with its premium flagship devices. That’s why the company could have reduced the performance of particular apps on its phones to ensure that the battery life doesn’t become a problem.

Geekbench to Check More OnePlus Devices for Cheating

Geekbench said that it is ‘disappointing’ to see that a company as big as OnePlus has been manipulating the performance of its devices to attract customers. The benchmark platform has said that it will also be checking other OnePlus smartphones to see if they have also manipulated the scores in the same manner. If any other phone from the company is found to be cheating or manipulating the scores, it will also be removed from the platform.

OnePlus is yet to comment on the same. Overall, this just puts a very negative image out for the OnePlus community and the fans of the company around the world. It might become hard for people to trust OnePlus and its new devices anytime soon. We will have to wait for what OnePlus has to say on the same.

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