Leakster Suggests OnePlus Will Be Flagship Brand for Oppo

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After each and every passing week, we get to hear more and more about the future of OnePlus, with a special emphasis on Oppo. Just yesterday, we learnt that the company would now be merging the codebase of OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS, so as to offer better support. Today, however, there are some interesting hardware-based details that are a bit shocking.

This shocking detail comes via a Chinese leaker on Weibo, who released some details in regards to Oppo's hardware side of things. The leaker goes by the name Arsenal on the social media platform and as part of his leak, he has provided some reliable information in the past, which gives us a bit of hope regarding this leak.

He disclosed, in a Weibo post from yesterday that OnePlus will be its sister company's high-end product line. He mentions that OnePlus devices will be positioned in a similar manner to the Huawei P series of devices, with the primary selling point being the camera performance of the offerings.

What Does the Leaker Have to Say?

The leaker also mentioned that OPPO’s Find X series will be Oppo's second flagship line. The post states that the Find X series will be the first to debut new and freshly developed features, with the aim to position the offerings in a similar manner to Huawei’s Mate series.

Whilst we did expect for there to be changes to how both companies operate, the ones revealed today are just shocking. Nonetheless, it does seem like a sensible decision and one that will likely be in effect starting next year.

OnePlus fans will also be pleased to learn that future models will offer even better cameras. Whilst the leaker is reliable, do take this with a pinch of salt as always since there might always be changes.

In other OnePlus and Oppo related news, a forum post went live yesterday mentioning that there was a new schedule for OxygenOS updates which is tied to the company’s shared resources with Oppo.

The forum post added that it would also mark the merging of the codebases for OxygenOS and Oppo’s ColorOS that would allow both skins to live on a more stable and stronger platform. Do remember though, it does not effectively mean that OxygenOS and ColorOS are the same or will be the same.

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