1 Billion Smartphones Will Support Wireless Charging by the End of 2021

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Wireless Charging

In the last couple of years, mobile charging has become so different that if one were to take a look back 4-5 years, they would simply scoff at what used to be tolerable in charging. 5W or 10W charging that took an eternity to charge up the smartphone, resulting in a massive waste of time.

In contrast, however, we can see that in 2020 or 2021, users go for devices that offer at least 30W charging, which can fully charge a smartphone with a decently sized battery in just an hour, with certain devices even offering 65W charging that can fully charge a device in 30-35 mins, which is quite shocking.

Another charging based advancement is wireless charging, which does not require a regular charging port to be inserted and rather one is instructed to place the handset on a pad that can wirelessly charge a device.

What Does the Report Include

Now, a recent report has revealed that nearly one billion smartphones on a worldwide basis will have wireless charging by the end of 2021.

This comes in the view of smartphone vendors like Xiaomi, OPPO, Samsung and suppliers such as Infineon, MediaTek, Samsung SDI and Qualcomm powering the rise when it comes to wireless charging via the use of proprietary solutions that charge a battery faster than ever.

As per a market research firm Strategy Analytics, the base of wireless charging capable smartphones will reach a record-worthy one billion mark by the end of this year. Since its introduction nearly 10 years ago, wireless charging has shifted from a niche to an in-demand charging solution fit for flagship devices.

Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics stated that by 2026, the company forecasts it will top 2.2 billion wireless charging enabled smartphones as growing middle classes in emerging market countries expand the addressable market for higher-end smartphones with the technology.

This will come despite the higher cost of wireless charging additions to the smartphones, as sales are strong in the Asia Pacific region wherein 49% of devices have a wireless charging base installed.

Ville-Petteri Ukonaho, Associate Director at Strategy Analytics mentioned that the Fast-growing middle classes in China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and elsewhere in the Asia Pacific region mean that a growing proportion of the region's population can afford the technology.

Yiwen Wu, Senior Analyst added that the Asia Pacific region would remain the single largest market for wireless charging solutions for the foreseeable future and will continue to grow its installed base share of wireless charging enabled smartphones.

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