Nokia 5G Speed Makes World Record Reaching 4.5 Gbps

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Nokia’s 5G technology during a commercial trial with Turk Telecom made a world record by delivering 4.5 Gbps downloading speeds. The world record of 4.5 Gbps is the first time any 5G New Radio (5GNR) could deliver such a speed.

Turk Telecom, a Turkish operator, leveraged Nokia’s AirScale 5G RAN solution on the 26 GHz mmWave spectrum with 800 MHz bandwidth and a single 5G capable device for the trial. Turk Telecom conducted the test in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara.

Nokia’s AirScale Base Station was connected to a 5G capable device for transferring data from Turk Telecom’s 26 GHz mmWave spectrum at 4.5 Gbps peak speeds.

5G Network to Help Download 4K Videos in Seconds

Turk Telecom chose Nokia to provide the connectivity, capacity required, and ultra-low latency for testing the full range of 5G during the trial.

Looking at the test results, it can be concluded that the 5G network will enable latency-sensitive and high-bandwidth enterprise services.

5G networks will further allow users to see the true potential of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR). It will further help them download big files such as 4K videos in a matter of seconds.

Turk Telecom has displayed how true 5G speeds can help consumers elevate their connectivity experience with this successful trial. But it is worth noting that during the test, only a single device was used.

This means that there was no scope for network congestion. While a commercially launched 5G network will have congestion, it won’t be nearly half as bad as 4G.

Chief technology officer at Turk Telecom, Yusuf Kirac, said that these technologies would help the world in developing ‘terahertz’ systems for providing ultra-high-internet speeds that is planned to be used in 6G.

It is worth noting that Nokia has been a part of nearly 200 5G trials globally. The Finnish tech corporate has played a major role in developing 5G throughout the globe.

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