Netflix Will Now Play a Show or Movie Randomly For You

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The global streaming giant Netflix is now making it easier for users to watch content on its platform. One of the biggest pain points for the users is to select a movie/show they want to watch when there are thousands of options available. To make the steaming experience hassle-free, the company is rolling out the ‘Play Something’ feature for its users worldwide.

Note that the feature is compatible with the users streaming Netflix on their Smart TVs. The ‘Play Something’ button will select a movie or show randomly for you when you click on it. This will allow you to explore new content without needing to go through the entire library of the over-the-top (OTT) platform.

Netflix ‘Play Something’ Button Now Available For Everyone

Netflix began testing the feature nine months back. In an announcement, Netflix said that users across the globe would be able to use its ‘Play Something’ feature on their Smart TVs. Whenever a user clicks on the ‘Play Something’ button, a maximum of three outcomes is possible.

First, you might see a film/show that you have never seen; second, you might come across something that’s already on your list, or you are watching; or third, you might get a show/film that you left halfway through earlier.

If you don’t like the content that’s playing, you can always skip through it by clicking on the ‘Play Something Else’ button. Users can do this as many times as they want. It is just like skipping through different channels to find something that you may want to watch.

Netflix will intelligently choose content depending on your watch history and the content that you have liked. There are multiple places where users can select the ‘Play Something’ option from. The first is right under your name in the profile selection screen. Second, you can find it on the navigation menu on the left and third on the tenth row of your Netflix homepage.

This feature will be available to every user streaming content from Netflix on their Smart TVs. It will certainly ease the experience for the user when he/she is confused about selecting the right show/movie.

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