Mila and Farice Complete First Phase of New 400 Gbps Transmission System in Iceland

Mila and Farice ehf have completed the first phase of a new transmission system for electronic communications in Iceland. The system utilizes wavelength technology with a capacity of 400 Gbit per second per wave, improving connectivity and supporting domestic and international communications.


  • Mila and Farice ehf have completed the first phase of a new transmission system in Iceland.
  • The system utilises wavelength technology with a transmission capacity of 400 Gbps per wave.
  • It facilitates the deployment of 4G/5G mobile transmitters and fiber optic connections.

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Mila and Farice Complete First Phase of New 400 Gbps Transmission System in Iceland

Mila, a telecommunications company in Iceland, in collaboration with Farice ehf, has successfully completed the first phase of the development of a new transmission system for electronic communications across the country. This significant milestone marks the introduction of a wavelength system that efficiently transports light waves, boasting an impressive transmission capacity of approximately 400 Gbps for each wave, according to the statement.

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Collaboration between Mila and Farice ehf

The partnership between Mila and Farice ehf has been instrumental in the successful implementation of this advanced telecommunications transmission system. The newly established system replaces the outdated infrastructure that has served as Iceland's telecommunications backbone for several decades.

It encompasses a comprehensive network that spans the Icelandic coastline and traverses the highlands via Kjol, effectively connecting various parts of the country, facilitating domestic communications, and supporting the domestic segment of international communications linked to the FARICE-1 submarine cable.

Enhanced Security and Reliability

One of the key advantages of this new transmission system is the enhanced security and reliability it brings to Iceland's international relations with Europe. With the introduction of alternative routes and increased capacity on Iceland's transport routes, the system significantly bolsters the stability and efficiency of international communications.

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Notably, the FARICE-1 submarine cable, operated by Farice ehf, plays a crucial role in connecting Seyoisfjorour in Iceland to Scotland.

According to the statement, the core functionality of the system revolves around the transportation of light waves between different locations, with each wave capable of transferring up to 400 Gbps. To put this into perspective, it is equivalent to the average internet usage of approximately 60,000 homes.

Moreover, the maximum transfer capacity of the system, based on current technology, can reach up to 25 Terabits (25,000 Gbit). This robust infrastructure is expected to meet the growing demands of the Icelandic population for many years to come.

The introduction of a new highland route further amplifies the security of electronic communications by providing additional and shorter routes between different locations. In the event of wear or disruptions in a national circuit, the impact is minimized, and the likelihood of simultaneous issues occurring in multiple places is significantly reduced.

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Transmission Capacity Supports 4G/5G Networks

Mila says, beyond its direct benefits, this new transmission system also plays a vital role in supporting the deployment of 4G/5G mobile transmitters across Iceland and facilitating the widespread deployment of fiber optic connections for homes and businesses.

With its impressive speed and performance, the system ensures that high-speed telecommunications services can be seamlessly provided throughout the country. Additionally, the system is open, allowing all telecommunications companies operating in Iceland to utilize its capabilities and offer their services.

The completion of the first phase of this advanced transmission system represents a significant milestone in Iceland's telecommunications landscape.

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