Xiaomi Mi TV 5 Will Compete With OnePlus TV With Better Design and Performance

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Xiaomi is no more only a smartphone company in India. The Chinese OEM has now become synonymous with other digital products as well, and one of the best bets which it has placed in India is on the Mi TV. The Mi TV has gone on to become of the best TV offerings in the country, beating the other budget segment offerings in the smart TV department. Owing to its latest features, picture quality and the attractive pricing, the Mi TV has earned a very good name in the industry. Now the Mi TV 4 and all its variant have already taken the TV market by storm previously, and we are close to the launch of Mi TV 5 in the Chinese market. But, the thing to note about the Mi TV 5 is that this iteration from Xiaomi on the Mi TV front is going to come with some serious upgradations.


Mi TV to Feature Hefty Design Upgrades

Just like the other Xiaomi products which are hyped in the market, the Mi TV 5 is also seeing similar traction and hence, it has also become a victim of a leak which reveals some information of the Mi TV 5 ahead of its launch in China. One of the major upgrades that the Mi TV 5 will receive this time is on the design front. It seems that with the Mi TV 5, Xiaomi would be bullish on the idea of giving competition to OnePlus. As per the leaks on the matter, Xiaomi has cut the bezels on the Mi TV 5 by a whopping 46% which is almost by half. For the people who do not like bulky bezels and would prefer a modern design, the Mi TV 5 is likely to meet the expectations with such trimming of the bezels.

Mi TV 5 Will Feature Trimmed Down Bezels

Going by the teaser of the Mi TV 5, the bezels on this TV measure 1.8mm on the top and the sides. However, for the bottom, currently, there is no information on whether or not the TV would sport the same bezels. The teaser also points out another thing, and that is the curved edges on this TV, which would provide better aesthetics to the Mi TV 5. It is noteworthy that the Mi TV 5 would be the first TV from Xiaomi to come with curved corners. Not only this, but Mi TV 5 would make leaps on the other design fronts as well, which include thickness. In total, the thickness of Mi TV 5 would be 5.9mm, which would include the integrated bending frame and a backplate without any screws. The last checkbox that remains for the Mi TV 5 is performance and going by the teaser it seems that the TV will check that as well.

OnePlus to Now Have Serious Competition

Now it is crucial to note that with a revamped focus on design and a totally new model which comes with slimmer bezels, a back panel which has no screws and a more sleek design, it can be made out that Xiaomi is looking to compete hard with OnePlus with its TVs. OnePlus has launched the OnePlus TV Q1 series in India, which belongs to the premium segment. Now that Xiaomi is also launching a TV with 4K QLED display, we can be sure that the Chinese smartphone leading company will give a competition to OnePlus. However, if we look at Xiaomi’s history, then we can be sure that the manufacturer will rely on competitive pricing to give a tough time to OnePlus.

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