Lumen Technologies Introduces ExaSwitch, A Network Interconnection Ecosystem

Lumen Technologies partners with Google and Microsoft to introduce ExaSwitch, a network interconnection ecosystem that enables fast and dynamic traffic routing between networks without third-party intervention.


  • Lumen Technologies collaborates with Google and Microsoft to launch ExaSwitch, a game-changing network interconnection ecosystem.
  • ExaSwitch empowers organizations with high bandwidth needs to route traffic dynamically and quickly between networks.
  • ExaSwitch supports optical cross-connects of up to 25.6 Tbps, providing high-capacity links for data traffic exchanges.

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Lumen Technologies Introduces ExaSwitch, A Network Interconnection Ecosystem

Lumen Technologies has unveiled ExaSwitch, a new network interconnection ecosystem developed in partnership with tech giants Google and Microsoft. This platform enables organizations with high bandwidth needs to efficiently route their traffic between networks, without the need for third-party intervention. By leveraging optical switching and cutting-edge technology, ExaSwitch revolutionizes the way network interconnections are established and managed.

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Network Interconnections

Lumen says, "The days of slow, legacy cross connects are over; ExaSwitch is the future of network interconnections. Large network backbones no longer require a physical location to connect. Instead, optical switching will be used to establish high-capacity optical links between metro sites. It's not just about internet peering; it's an on-demand network connection that enables the quick deployment of required capacity across various data traffic exchanges."

Collaboration with Tech Giants

According to the statement, the ExaSwitch project was initiated by key participants, including Lumen, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and an additional major cloud provider. These early adopters are leveraging the platform to route traffic between large internet and cloud networks. As more organizations join the ExaSwitch ecosystem, it will continue to strengthen, enabling easier automation, scalability, and capacity management among participants.

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How ExaSwitch Works

Explaining the working of ExaSwitch, the administrator installs optical hardware at the preferred location for each participant, who can choose their fibre source for connecting into the ecosystem.

When two participants agree to connect, they can quickly establish the connection through self-provisioning or an API portal managed by the administrator.

The platform offers real-time capacity deployment, allowing participants to easily order, modify, and delete services as required. Lumen acts as the administrator for the initial deployments of ExaSwitch.

Key Benefits of ExaSwitch

Lumen said, key benefits of ExaSwitch include a self-service portal that enables participants to configure and activate connectivity with other participants faster than ever before. Connections can be set up in 400G increments and consumed on-demand in 100G increments, with each site supporting up to 25.6 Tbps of optical cross-connects. Additionally, participants gain the ability to connect their edge sites, data centers, and central offices in major markets, enhancing network diversity and cost savings.

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Industry Impact

Currently, Lumen says it operates the ExaSwitch platform in three of the largest US interconnection hubs located in Chicago, Dallas, and Virginia. However, it has plans to expand its presence to all major markets in North America that house significant internet hubs.

With the introduction of ExaSwitch, Lumen Technologies, Google, and Microsoft have opened up a new era in network interconnections, providing organizations with a dynamic, efficient, and scalable solution for their high-bandwidth traffic routing needs.

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