Lumen Rolls Out 400G Wavelength Network Across the US

Lumen Technologies confirms the deployment of its 400 Gbps wavelength network across 70 markets, following the company's expansion of its US intercity dark fiber network. As a result, the company is fulfilling customer orders of more than 50 TB of 400 G wavelengths.


  • Lumen has deployed its US intercity wavelength network across 70 markets.
  • Over 240 data centers are enabled for 400G Lumen Wavelength Services.
  • Wavelengths are private, dedicated connections – making it more secure than other network solutions.

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Lumen Rolls Out 400G Wavelength Network Across the US

Lumen Technologies is a global technology company that provides a wide range of communications and technology services. Following the company's expansion of its US intercity dark fibre network, Lumen confirms the build-out of its 400 Gbps wavelength network across 70 markets. Specifically, wavelength services boost Lumen's Network's value and provide enterprises with the required dedicated, secure connectivity.

Miriana Martinova, senior vice president of enterprise core network solutions at Lumen, said, "The Lumen network is our crown jewel, and our network infrastructure solutions are at the core of what we do. We're investing to win."

"We see significant demand from enterprises, government agencies, hyper scalers, and wholesale customers for high-bandwidth interconnections between their data centers and public cloud. Combining our upgraded intercity fiber network with our next-generation wavelength network helps these businesses quickly and securely enable a digital journey that can take them well into the future," Martinova added.

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240 Data Centers Enabled for 400G

With this deployment, 240 data centers are now enabled for 400 G Lumen Wavelength Services, and 800 TB of capacity runs across the Network. The company is fulfilling customer orders of more than 50 TB of 400 G wavelengths.

Topology viewer Tool

Additionally, Lumen provides organizations with a self-service tool, Topology Viewer, that allows them to quote, design, and build their wavelengths across Lumen's North American Network.

Wavelengths are more secure network solutions

By providing the necessary resilience, scalability, and ultra-low latency, Lumen Wavelength Services assist customers in upgrading their core digital networks. In addition, wavelengths are more secure network solutions since they are private and dedicated connections. Optical encryption also protects data as its transmitted.

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The intercity expansions will continue throughout 2023 based on customer demand and additional enhancements planned for Topology Viewer to provide value to customers.

Lumen appointed Ashley Haynes-Gaspar as executive VP for customer success, wholesale and international, earlier this month. Haynes-Gaspar will fill Laurinda Pang's former position as president of global customer success, covering responsibility for wholesale and international operations.

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