LEW TelNet Is Building a Green Data Center in Augsburg

German technology firm LEW TelNet is building a 2 MW new Green Data Center in Augsburg. Currently, the company plans to invest more than 30 million euros in the new green data center in the Bavarian city. The first construction phase is planned for the second half of 2024.


  • The facility will have four data center modules totalling 1,900 sqm with a capacity of 600 racks.
  • The use of the LEW Green Data Center helps customers to achieve their own climate protection goals.
  • Available space for up to 600 racks in a highly available environment.

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LEW TelNet Is Building a Green Data Center in Augsburg

LEW Telnet, the telecommunications company of the LEW Group, is building a new green data center in Augsburg. The telecom company revealed last week that it intends to invest more than 30 million euros in the construction of a new "Green Data Center" in the Bavarian city. Construction is due to begin over the summer and the first phase is set to go live in mid-2024.

LEW board member Dietrich Gemmel said, "Green, decentralized, digital - that is our vision for the energy system of the future. The LEW Green Data Center combines these aspects in an exemplary overall concept that opens up the potential of digitization and sustainable energy."

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Location and Energy features

The LEW Green Data Center is being built near the main traffic arteries B17 and A8 in Augsburg-Oberhausen. The LEW Green Data Center, which is located on Oskar-von-Miller-Strasse, will be constructed over two phases and will have four data center modules totalling 1,900 sqm (20,450 sq ft) with a capacity for approximately 600 racks and 2 MW of power.

The facility reportedly is powered by regional hydropower from a parent firm LEW and has a 2.5 MWp rooftop and ground photovoltaic system, air-to-air heat exchangers, UPS systems using kinetic energy storage in place of batteries, and a waste heat recovery system. The facility will operate with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2.

LEW TelNet

LEW TelNet is a division of Lechwerke AG (LEW), a regional German utility company that is majority owned by E.ON subsidiary Innogy. The region's electrical distribution network and 36 hydroelectric power stations are run by the LEW Group. In addition, LEW TelNet which owns and operate a 5,800 km fiber optic network in southwest Bavaria will host its operational activities and services to the customers in the new building.

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Sustainable solution

Jorg Steins, managing director of LEW TelNet, said, "With the new LEW Green Data Center, we are putting our vision of a green data center in the region into practice - without making any compromises in terms of availability, security, or service."

"We want to offer a convincing and sustainable complete solution. With us, our customers get their data center and site networking from a single source and can rest assured that the high requirements for data security, high availability, and the implementation of legal requirements are met. In addition, the use of the LEW Green Data Center helps our customers to achieve their own climate protection goals."

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"The conversion of the energy system and the reduction of CO2 emissions is a task that affects all areas - the concept of the LEW Green Data Center is an important building block here, which we implement here in the region with our know-how and high investments" added Gemmel.

Facts about LEW Green Data Center:

  • The final phase consists of four data center modules with a total footprint of around 1,900 square meters (whitespace) for about 600 racks.
  • Power consumption greater than or equal to 2 MW
  • Location connection up to n-fold 100 Gbps
  • Certification according to DIN EN 50600 and ISO/IEC 27001

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Energy-efficient and Climate Friendly

The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value is a measure of a data center's efficiency. It compares the amount of energy used by the data center to the energy consumed by its IT infrastructure. The LEW Green Data Center strives for a PUE value of less than 1.2, which is considered highly efficient. By utilizing renewable energy sources, the center is able to save up to 12,360 tons of CO2 emissions per year based on mathematical calculations.

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