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Cisco to Set Up New Data Center in Chennai and Upgrade the One in Mumbai

To help organisations become more resilient and tackle cybersecurity threats in a hybrid world, Cisco has announced that it will be investing in security innovations and security infrastructure in India. The company plans to open a new data center in Chennai and, at the same time, upgrade the Mumbai data center to offer enhanced security solutions to customers. Cisco is introducing new risk-based capabilities across its security portfolio for the... Read More

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Oxford Quantum Circuits to Setup Quantum Computer in Equinix TY11 IBX DC

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), a UK Quantum Computing as a Service (QCaaS) company, and Equinix announced that OQC is installing a quantum computer at Equinix's TY11 Tokyo International Business Exchange (IBX) data center. As a result, quantum computing as a Service will be commercially available to businesses via Equinix's Facility in Japan. Also Read: Equinix Expands Internet Exchange Connectivity in South Korea Quantum Hardware to be Deployed in TY11 OQC will... Read More

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Colt DCS Launches New Osaka Keihanna 45 MW Data Centre

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS), a global provider of hyperscale and large enterprise data centre solutions, has announced the opening of a major Data Centre in Osaka Keihanna, Japan. This facility is part of the Keihanna Science City near Osaka and meets the needs of Colt DCS's local and global customers looking to expand in the APAC region. Learnings from the Inzai campus Colt DCS has used its key learnings... Read More

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Equinix Signs Five New Solar PPAs in Spain Totalling 225 MW

Equinix has signed five new long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Spain, totalling 225 Megawatts (MW), thereby significantly increasing its backing of renewable power projects. The five new solar farm projects in Spain, along with existing projects, will bring Equinix's total contracted PPA capacity to 595 MW globally. Also Read: Equinix to Enter South African Market With Data Center in Johannesburg The company said that once operational in 2025, the projects... Read More

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Wesco Announces New Data Center Business

Wesco, a leading business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions provider, has launched a data center group. Known as Wesco Data Center Solutions, the group will provide various data center services and solutions, including data center lifecycle management. This new group formation comes from the evolution of Wesco's recent acquisition of Rahi Systems, a leading global hyperscale data center solutions provider. Also Read: Damac to Open Data Centres in Riyadh... Read More

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AirTrunk Commences Expansion of TOK2 Data Centre

Asia-Pacific and Japan hyper-scale data center specialist AirTrunk has started expanding on the second phase of its AirTrunk TOK2 (TOK2) data center in West Tokyo on a special groundbreaking ceremony. Strategically located in West Tokyo, TOK2 will support Japan's digitalisation as a critical digital infrastructure to power the country's acceleration to cloud technology. Custom built to meet cloud requirements The expansion was announced three months after site construction got underway... Read More

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Digital DEWA Launches World’s Largest Solar-Powered Data Center in Dubai

Digital DEWA subsidiary Moro Hub has announced that it has launched the world's largest solar-powered data center in Dubai. The data center is being established with the partnership between Moro Hub and Huawei and has Uptime Tier III certification. Green Data centre of Moro Hub The green data centre of Moro Hub, is recognised as the world's largest solar-powered data centre by the Guinness World Records. The facility's integrated solutions... Read More

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NTT to Invest Rs 2000 Crores for 3 New Data Centers in Kolkata

NTT Global Data Center is building its data center in Kolkata, India. The facility is anticipated to be operational in 12 to 15 months. NTT currently operates 12 facilities in India, including the ones in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Chennai, totalling 230 MW of data center capacity. The company plans to add 280 MW to this in the following two years. Also Read: LEW TelNet Is Building a Green Data... Read More

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Equinix to Build Its Second Data Center in Barcelona

Equinix, the world's digital infrastructure company, announced its second data center in Barcelona as the city becomes a strategic hub for the terrestrial and subsea cable networks connecting digital lives. In addition, the new site will serve as a strategic connection point for data communications between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Also Read: WIOCC Lands 2Africa Subsea Cable System in Kwazulu-Natal Barcelona, a vital Subsea hub Major subsea cables linking... Read More

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LEW TelNet Is Building a Green Data Center in Augsburg

LEW Telnet, the telecommunications company of the LEW Group, is building a new green data center in Augsburg. The telecom company revealed last week that it intends to invest more than 30 million euros in the construction of a new "Green Data Center" in the Bavarian city. Construction is due to begin over the summer and the first phase is set to go live in mid-2024. LEW board member Dietrich... Read More

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Green or Sustainable, the Gaining Trend for Data Center Companies

Hyperscale data centers require a lot of energy to run and operate, which is quite harmful to the environment if the energy is derived through traditional methods. Data centers can use up more electricity globally than you can imagine. Their carbon emissions are also at a whole other level which negatively affects the environment. But one thing is for sure, to build a robust digital ecosystem, data centers are needed.... Read More

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Damac to Open Data Centres in Riyadh and Dammam in 2023

Damac Data Centres, a Digital infrastructure provider owned by the Damac Group, will open facilities in Riyadh and Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), before the end of 2023. Damac is expanding the data centres from 20 MW to 55 MW. Damac announced the addition of 35 megawatts of IT capacity at LEAP 2023, bringing the total IT capacity under construction to 55 megawatts, with the initial 20 megawatts already... Read More

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