Windows 11 October Release Date Revealed by Leaked Document

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Windows 11

There have been multiple reports surrounding the launch date of the latest version of Windows, Windows 11, which brings with it multiple appearance-based changes to the operating system. To date, there have been many reports, but the sources for these reports have been far less credible.

Now, as per a leaked Intel document, it seems that the next version of Windows could launch in the month of October, at which points users will be free to download the same.

In case you did not know, as of now, Windows 11 is on offer, but via the Windows Insider program, which provides users with an early build, which, at the point of release, will be released in the same month.

Is Windows 11 Releasing in October 2021?

Do note that for the final version to be released, Microsoft to date has mentioned that the update will be released in Fall. For those of you unaware, Windows 11 is the biggest upgrade for PCs and laptops since the launch of Windows 10 in 2015. It was announced in the month of May that the update would be rolled out in the upcoming months.

As mentioned above, a new report from Windows Latest showcases Intel's release notes for a GPU driver that references the Windows 11 OS, which hints that it could be released as part of an update in the month of October 2021 for devices that are eligible. As of now, Microsoft has not released beta builds, which should start rolling out later this month.

Microsoft labels its major updates with the year and the ‘half’ when it was released, such as the October 2020 release, which was dubbed 20H2, whilst the October 2021 update is expected to be called the 21H2 update.

The report further explains that the DCH GPU driver version hints at Windows 11’s October update. A Microsoft employee had previously mentioned that the upcoming version of Windows would bear the same format in terms of updates, so users should expect to see the same versions such as 22H1 and 22H2 next year.

Do remember that Windows 11 is most likely not going to be compatible with most PCs thanks to the new hardware requirements that are set by Microsoft, meaning that many users might be left out of the upgrade, but, to keep such users happy,  Microsoft has promised updates for Windows 10 till 2025.

For those of you wondering about what to expect from Windows 11, we have covered the changes that are a part of the latest update, so one can check the same to know what to expect from the next major update of Windows.

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