JioPhone Next to be Available in India Starting September 10

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Reliance Jio has just announced its much-awaited affordable 4G smartphone for India and later the global markets as well. Mukesh Ambani, the Managing Director and Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) speaking at the company’s 44th Annual General Meeting (AGM) said that Jio partnered with Google to develop a very affordable 4G smartphone called ‘JioPhone Next’. Ambani said that the JioPhone Next will come with cutting edge features and will be available in India starting September 10, 2021.

JioPhone Next to Come With Optimised Version of Android

Both Reliance Jio and Google have worked for making the affordable 4G smartphone for India a reality. Ambani said that the JioPhone Next will come with cutting edge features. The smartphone will feature support for Google’s Voice Assistant, come with an automatic read-aloud feature for screen text, translate the language for the users, a smart camera with augmented reality filters, and much more.

Mukesh Ambani didn’t mention the other specifications of the smartphone. But he said that it will be available in India’s market starting September 10, 2021. Jio has launched the JioPhone Next even earlier than what the market expected.

Ambani said that this smartphone will be much more affordable than what people have assumed it to be. However, the Indian business tycoon hasn’t revealed the price of the smartphone yet. Ambani said that Jio has plans of offering this smartphone to India and other international markets as well at some stage.

Mukesh Ambani said that Jio’s aim is to work hard and make India ‘2G mukt’. This smartphone is one of the ways Jio is looking to do so. Ambani mentioned that even after widespread 4G networks throughout the country, there are 300 million users still using 2G networks for communicating because they can’t afford a 4G smartphone. With the JioPhone Next, Reliance Jio aims to change that.

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