iPhone 13 Could Bring Multiple Feature Advancements

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iPhone 13

Apple's iPhone has been the product that often trumps other smartphones in most, if not all aspects, resulting in hype whenever the next version of the famous product is in the works. With the iPhone 12 having been introduced back in 2021, the time for the launch of the next version of iPhone, supposedly dubbed iPhone 13 is nearing and, with it, the leaks and rumours have increased exponentially.

With this information, it would interest you to know that a concept via a YouTube channel under the name of Concepts iPhone has surfaced, showcasing a mockup trailer for the next-gen product and, with the video, we can't help but notice how good the iPhone 13 concept looks, making us even more excited for the next iPhone.

In terms of the leak, it is worth noting that the handset will retain the design language that was introduced with the iPhone 12, inclusive of the rectangular corners that give the device a slab like feel.

The video also hints at a smaller notch, which has been touted to be released for a couple of generations. The notch on the iPhone 13 could be 26.8mm wide in contrast to the iPhone 12's 34.8mm wide notch.

The video also hints at the possibility of the device featuring up to 1TB of storage, which would be nice considering the storage variants on iPhones have been a bit behind in comparison to Android equivalents.

What Do We Know About Future iPhones?

Further reports via DigiTimes indicate the chances of the iPhone 14 series featuring 3nm A-series processors citing sources with TSMC which has revealed the trajectory of the iPhones and the Apple chips going down the future.

As per the report, the iPhone 14 could become the world's first mainstream device to feature 3nm chips inside, marking a major evolution in chipsets.

This generation of processors will be produced starting the end of 2022, meaning that the next to next generation of iPhone will feature this revolutionary chipset advancement.

As per the report, TSMC will retain the 5nm fabrication process for the iPhone 13, with the series making use of A15 chips that are expected to use 5nm+ fabrication standards with an improvement in terms of overall efficiency and power.

The report also mentions that whilst TSMC is sending out regular warnings to its partners in relation to price hikes in terms of supplies, but, Apple might not be subject to this, as it could be given first preference due to the sheer volume of chipsets that TSMC provides to the Cupertino giant.

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