Apple iPhone Users Are Not as Loyal as You Think

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In recent times, the discussion regarding Apple and its coveted ecosystem has grown to the point that there is a debate almost every moment when talking about whether or not an iOS-based device is better than an Android. Another superstition has been in relation to user data, thinking that Apple users prefer to stick to iPhones due to a multitude of features.

These features, at least the ones that are evident, are in relation to software and performance, stating that iOS had been a great skin to use with good privacy-related features as well as a great camera setup to the back. However, real data revealed by the Cupertino based company seems to paint a rather different picture.

As per data released during Apple's trial with Epic Games, which saw both companies gain a lot of limelight over a dispute regarding the in-store fees, approximately 12% and 26% of iPhone users switched to another device in the span of Q3 2019 to Q3 2020. Apple does not mention Android by name, but we can guess that these users are switching to Android devices.

What Do We Know About Apple's iPhone User Base?


The data, which was first spotted by Android Central, comes via Apple’s own market research and hints at how loyal the company's consumers were to the company between 2019 and 2020. Interestingly,  it is quite peculiar to see how these figures differed over the course of the year.

In terms of the data, in Q3 of 2019, 19% of iPhone users shifted to another device. However, between Q1 2020 and Q2 2020, more than a quarter of iPhone users jumped Apple's ship. This is quite interesting, considering how the iPhone 12 series was launched in Q3. It also suggests how iPhone users are likely to move from iOS to Android just before a new iPhone is released.

Do note that despite this, the reason for this could be the economic effects of the Pandemic, since the iPhone users might be searching for cheaper alternatives and, considering how multiple Android devices are much cheaper in comparison to Apple's offerings, it might not make sense to splurge on an iPhone.

In Q3 of 2020, iPhone users jumped back to  88% again, which was most likely caused due to strong iPhone 12 sales. The series remains the most sought after device lineup at the beginning of 2021. To note, the top three best-selling smartphones in Q1 of 2021 were iPhone 12 series devices.

When it comes to users who jumped ship from Android to iOS or other platforms, this data remains unclear, meaning it is not known whether Apple is benefitting or at a loss with this dip in its user base in 2019-2020.

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