Iliad’s Fiber Service Reaches 10 Million Italian Households

With transparent pricing, advanced technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Iliad aims to solidify its position in the broadband market.


  • Iliad is rapidly expanding its fiber coverage in Italy following the launch of its FTTH offer.
  • The partnership with Fastweb allows Iliad to offer customers lightning-fast speeds.
  • Iliad's fiber plans feature transparent pricing, with options starting at 19.99 Euros per month for mobile users.

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Iliad's Fiber Service Reaches 10 Million Italian Households

Iliad continues to expand its fibre coverage in Italy. A year after launching its FTTH (fibre-to-the-home) 100 percent fibre optic service, Iliad says it is getting closer to reaching more households across the country.

Iliad Fiber Partnerships

According to Iliad, this expansion is made possible through partnership agreements with FiberCop, Open Fiber, Fastweb, granting Iliad access to wholesale FTTH network. As a result, this collaboration brings Iliad's fibre coverage closer to the milestone of 10 million households throughout Italy.

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Iliad says it is committed to delivering exceptional speeds and performance to its customers. Users on the Fastweb wholesale network can enjoy download speeds of up to 2.5 Gbps and upload speeds of up to 500 Mbps with the advanced FTTH GPON network technology.

Iliad Fibre Plans

Iliad emphasises that its fiber service upholds its values of transparency and affordability, assuring customers that there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. Here are the key features of Iliad's fibre plans:

  • Competitive Pricing: Mobile users can avail the fibre service for 19.99 Euros per month, with an additional offer available at 9.99 Euros for those opting for automatic payment. Alternatively, users can choose a plan priced at 24.99 Euros per month. The prices are guaranteed for the duration of the subscription.
  • One-time Setup Fee: Customers will incur a setup fee of 39.99 Euros, payable only once.
  • Iliadbox Wi-Fi 6: Subscribers will receive the Iliadbox Wi-Fi 6 router, a device designed and tested to last at least 10 years. The router offers Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1 Gbps for downloads and is provided on a loan basis for free.
  • Unlimited Calls: The fibre plans include unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles within Italy, as well as calls to landlines in over 60 countries worldwide.

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With Iliad's fibre plans, Italian households can access high-speed internet connectivity at affordable rates, enabling them to fully embrace the digital era.

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