Ice Norway Surpasses 800,000 Mobile Customers

Ice has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing 800,000 mobile customers. Ice has focused on meeting customer expectations and building a top-notch value chain. Ice offers a stable network, user-friendly app, and excellent service at competitive prices.


  • Ice surpasses 800,000 mobile customers, marking a significant milestone.
  • The company offers a stable network, user-friendly app, and excellent service at competitive prices.
  • Ice is on track to reach one million customers soon, with a growing workforce and satisfied customer base.

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Ice Norway Surpasses 800,000 Mobile Customers

Ice, the Norwegian telecommunications company, has announced that it has reached a new milestone by surpassing 800,000 mobile customers. The company stated that this is an exciting and demanding market for the company to compete in. The mobile company has acquired 43,000 customers so far this year and says it is well on its way to the million target.

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Ice's Commitment to Exceed Customer Expectations

Ice stated that they had worked hard to build a modern value chain, including the construction of one of the world's best and most stable mobile networks and the best customer service in the industry. To succeed in growing its customer base, Ice has focused on meeting and exceeding its customers' high expectations.

Ice was recently named one of Norway's best places to work by Great Place To Work. According to the statement, This recognition is a testament to the company's happy and satisfied employees.

Strategic Growth and Acquisitions

Ice has achieved organic growth and made strategic acquisitions to expand its customer base, adding 43,000 new customers this year alone. Ice Bedrift accounts for 57,600 of these 800,000 - and has increased by 3,500 subscriptions in 2023. Ice, in its statement, said: "The recent acquisition of Release's private customer base is not included in the total as the customers will not be transferred to Ice until this summer."

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Ice Service Offerings

In a statement, Ice explains how it sells its services, highlighting its fantastic mobile network, which is the most stable in Norway and continuously improving with the expansion of 5G. Additionally, they offer a user-friendly app, excellent additional services, and the best customer service in the industry. All of this is reasonably priced, providing value for money to customers.

Customer Preference for Data Packages

For customers looking for a low-cost option, Ice offers the NiceMobil brand, which is simple and affordable, providing customers only with what they need from a mobile subscription and data at the lowest possible price. The trend among new Ice customers is a desire for larger data packages. Most new customers opt for the Mobile 8 GB, Try Us, and Data Freedom products, with monthly data usage increasing over time. Ice continually adapts to the market's needs and offers more extensive data packages.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Ice says it has also seen a rise in customer satisfaction, with great coverage and 5G being rolled out daily in new areas. This improvement is something customers have noticed, and Ice has ranked 13th in customer satisfaction, up from 71st place, according to the Norwegian Customer Barometer research project. Ice also has the most loyal customers of all telecommunications providers in Norway.

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In addition to customer growth, Ice is expanding its workforce and has more than 300 permanent employees. However, the company is still looking for more talent to support its growth. With a modern network, highly skilled employees, and satisfied customers, Ice has grown from zero to 800,000 customers in a stagnant market. The company aims to reach one million customers soon.

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