Ice Expects to Reach 1 Million Customers by 2025

Ice company has grown as big as Oslo municipality since most people who switch mobile subscriptions choose Ice. By the year 2025, the company expects to reach 1 million customers.


  • Norwegian industrial group Lyse became its new owner in 2022.
  • Ice recently announced increasing its investment in private 5G networks to reach large customers.
  • In total, including private and business, Ice has 757,000 mobile customers. This includes the brands Ice, Ice enterprise and NiceMobil.

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Ice Expects to Reach 1 Million Customers by 2025

Norwegian Operator Ice said it started the New year 2023 with more than 703,000 private consumers from 700,000 in 2022. The vast majority of people who switch mobile subscriptions choose Ice, which means that the company has grown big as Oslo municipality.

Shiraz Abid, Commercial Director of Ice, said: "I would like to thank the customers who choose us. Ice delivers simplicity and value for money, but for consumers, in the private market, it is not an easy choice. The competition is tough, and it is still too difficult and time-consuming to change mobile operators."

The seven years of succession

The majority of people who switch mobile subscriptions choose Ice. This has been the case for the last seven years since Ice started selling mobile subscriptions.

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"The most important thing for us is that we attract new customers and that we can take care of the ones we have. It may be a bit banal to celebrate 700,000, but I and everyone else in Ice can be proud when we reach such milestones. The market decides, and they choose us. It indicates that we deliver something society wants and needs, says Abid."

Ice reached 54,000 Business Customers

Ice recently reached 54,000 business customers. In addition, last year, Ice was acquired by the Norwegian industrial group Lyse, and Ice announced a billion investments in developing the 5G network on 4th July 2022. This means, among other things, a strengthened position in the competition for business customers.

Ice says it has one of the world's best and Norway's most stable mobile network with the industry's best customer service.

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"Together with our new sister company Altibox, we will create an exciting alternative for business customers. We have strong synergies that enable us to deliver even better services. It's no secret that the vast majority of people need both mobile network and broadband," says director of Ice Bedrift, Hans Heggenhaugen.

Ice increased investment in private 5G networks

Ice recently announced that it is increasing its investment in private 5G networks to reach many customers. Including brands Ice, Ice enterprise, and NiceMobil, Ice has 757,000 mobile customers.

"I think the industry will be able to benefit enormously from what 5G technology has to offer in combination with sensors right down on the production line," says Heggenhaugen.

Growth expectations

CEO of Ice, Eivind Helgaker, said that Ice will continue to grow both in the number of customers and network.

"We will pass 800,000 customers during the year. At the same time, we continue to strengthen the entire value chain to become even more relevant to even more people. A wider product portfolio, more additional services, increased user-friendliness, strengthened coverage, and the construction of our nationwide 5G network are parts of the recipe. As the fastest growing player in Norway, we are off to a good start and look forward to reaching 1,000,000 during 2025," concludes Helgaker.

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