How to Use Instagram Live Rooms?

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Instagram live room feature was one of the most hyped updates that rolled out recently to elevate the experience of users. The live room feature allows four participants to engage in the real-time broadcast. Earlier, the Facebook-owned platform allowed users to stream with one person. However, Instagram has doubled up on the feature to open creative doors for users. If you do not know how to use the live room feature, follow the article to the end for a detailed guide.

Steps to Create Instagram Live Room

To create an Instagram live room, you have to update your app to the latest version. Once your Instagram app is updated with the latest release, open the Instagram stories camera and toggle to the ‘live’ mode icon. Hit the recording button to start the broadcast.

When you go live, you will see a camera icon with +sign. Click on the sign to go live in a room. Once you have created the live room, search for your friends and followers and invite them to join the video. When the persons will accept the invitation, the Instagram live room feature will start.

Things To Know About Instagram Live Room

Instagram has rolled out the live room feature to aid creators around the globe. If users have been blocked by a participant, they will not be able to join the Instagram live room. Also, users whose live access have been revoked by Instagram because of community guidelines will not be able to join a live room.

The host or creator of the live room can add three unique users to the live room. Also, they have the complete flexibility to block, report and apply filters on comments. For a hassle-free and smooth experience, it would be advised that all the users must have a stable internet connection.

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