Facebook Smartwatch Powered by Android Might Come Soon, Are You Excited?

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Facebook might come out with a gadget that everyone likes to wear on a daily. The company is said to working on a smartwatch that could launch next year. According to a report from The Information, the smartwatch might be powered by the Android. Whether Facebook will use its own operating system (OS) or Google’s Wear OS is unknown at the moment. The smartwatch is expected to be loaded with fitness and health features which is not surprising at all. However, Facebook might enable users to send messages to other people directly through the smartwatch, which would be a unique feature since none of the other smartwatches let the users do that now — more details on the story ahead.

More Smart Products From Facebook to Launch Soon!

Facebook has the power and resources to invest heavily in the research and development (R&D) departments to build and launch new smart products regularly. The company is investing a lot of its money in the hardware segment at ‘Oculus’.

For the unaware, Oculus is a virtual reality (VR) products development company which makes VR headsets and products. Facebook also owns ‘Portal’ which creates video calling devices. Apart from the watch, VR headsets, and video calling devices, Facebook is also said to be working on ‘Project Aria’.

It is a project which Facebook is completing in partnership with Ray-Ban to create smart glasses and deliver a better and stylish augmented reality experience to the users. On the software side of things, Facebook is working to create and launch an application similar to ‘Clubhouse’.

The new app is still in the early stages of development, and the company is expected to launch it soon. Clubhouse is a unique application which only allows users to join when they are invited by another user. It is not available for Android users, and even iOS users can’t directly download it from the App Store until they are invited.

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