Apple Releases iOS 14.5 Beta With Support for Face Unlock When Wearing Masks

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Apple, the Cupertino based tech company on Tuesday announced the rollout of the first beta for iOS 14.5. This comes shortly after the public rollout of iOS 14.4. Whilst the update brings with it multiple fixes and changes that will impact the user's experience when it comes to iOS, the one new feature that stands out in the form of the ability of face unlock functioning when wearing a face mask. This however does come with some peculiar necessities.

How Does Face Unlock with Masks On Work?

The Face Unlock feature, which undoubtedly will excite fans of Face ID, since they will now be able to use the feature when wearing a mask, which has become a sort of the norm in the current world scenario. '

This, however, features some caveats, wherein this new update can function only if the iPhone's user is wearing an Apple Watch. If the Apple Watch is unlocked, one needs to look into their iPhone, following which a haptic buzz on your wrist notifies the user of the success of the authentication.

This feature needs to be manually enabled before use, which allows Face ID to proceed, despite a lower accuracy rate, since the Apple Watch, which is a key part of the security in this instance is already authenticated.

To add to all the quirks, Apple has said that face unlock while wearing a mask will not function in instances such as making purchases and other important tasks.

For those of you unaware, considering the pandemic and its long term implications, Apple attempted to address this issue back in May with an update that prompted Face ID to quickly shift users to their passcode input screen when their faces are obscured.

This update was expected to be quite helpful but as was seen quickly after its announcement, the change wasn’t particularly elegant by any means.

The update also consists of new privacy and a whole list of new updates. iOS 14.5 Beta 1 features the build number of 18E5140j. If you are wondering as to how you, as a developer can update to iOS 14.5, one simply has to open the Settings app, choose the General option, then choose Software Update.

What are Some Other Changes Part of the iOS 14.5 Beta Build?

Some key changes apart from the new mode of face unlock consist of the following.

  • A new and revised interface for the Apple Watch app and Settings app when your device is up to date
  • Minor tweaks in relation to the user interface for the Apple Podcasts application
  • The Apple News app has also seen notable design changes, including a redesigned News+ tab as well as an all-new Search tab at the bottom
  •  iOS 14.5 also brings support to iPads and iPhones for both current-gen console controllers, namely the Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 controllers
  • Expanded compatibility for Apple's new Apple Fitness+ workouts
  • App Tracking controls
  •  Hey, Siri, call emergency support
  •  5G global dual-SIM support

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