Is Bharti Airtel the King of Postpaid Market in India? Let’s Talk

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Postpaid market has been discussed a lot less since the time prepaid plans with unlimited data and voice calling have been introduced in India. Vodafone Idea (Vi) offers some excellent postpaid plans with a ton of benefits. One of its postpaid plans called the ‘VIP RedX’ plan has been widely appreciated by consumers all around the country because of the utility it offers. There is a saying that postpaid customers are more loyal than prepaid customers. But there is more to it, and Bharti Airtel has got it, and that is why Airtel might be the king of the postpaid market in India.

Airtel’s Secret to Being the Number One Postpaid Service Provider

Airtel has got the secret of being the number one postpaid service provider in the country. The reason why we think so is that the telco is focusing more on the Business to Business (B2B) part of the market instead of the Business to Consumer (B2C) when it comes to postpaid services.

The telco is exploring more and more partnerships with private entities and selling them its postpaid services. This, in turn, helps the telco gain a large number of subscribers in a stroke of a signature.

The telco added over 14,00,000 or 1.4 million new postpaid subscribers in the last two-quarters (last six months) of 2020. While we don’t have the exact breakdown of how many of these new subscribers came from B2B partnerships, it is not hard to guess that it would include a high percentage of users.

It is worth noting that many expected Jio to uproot the postpaid market when it launched the low-cost postpaid plans in September 2020. But that has clearly not happened, and Airtel has been continuously adding the most number of postpaid users in the market.

The growth rate of Airtel in the postpaid segment is expected to continue steadily since most of the postpaid users don’t care a lot about the price of the plans but the quality of the services they get. In terms of network coverage, speed, latency, and benefits, Airtel is very consistent, and that is why it has been so successful in the postpaid market.

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