How to Activate Netflix Downloads For You Feature?

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Netflix strives to offer its users more control over their entertainment purposes and provides multiple features to hoist the browsing experience. Recently, the streaming giant announced a new feature dubbed as 'Downloads For You', which will automatically download recommended shows or movies for users as per their watch history. Earlier, the Smart Download Feature of Netflix would automatically delete the web or TV series episodes that the users had seen and download the next episode. With the new update, Netflix will cover movies and new shows. Follow the article to the end for a detailed guide regarding Downloads For You Feature.

Steps to Activate Downloads For You Feature

To activate Netflix Downloads For You feature, launch the app on your mobile device and toggle to the download section. Under the download tab, you will see the Downloads For You option. On the next screen, you will get the option to allocate storage on your device. You can select anywhere between 1GB to 5GB. Netflix will recommend that 3GB storage will be sufficient for 12 movies and TV shows. Once you have selected the storage, tap on the 'turn on' button and enjoy the feature.

Steps to Deactivate Downloads For You Feature

If you are not happy with the feature or you face a storage shortage, you can turn off the 'Downloads For You' feature anytime. To deactivate the feature, open the Netflix app and turn off the feature listed under the download section. You can also increase the storage capacity to get multiple movies or TV shows recommendations.

Things to Know About Netflix Downloads For You Feature

Netflix’s 'Downloads For You' feature has been recently rolled out for users to elevate the browsing experience. The new feature is currently available on Android devices and is under testing mode for iOS devices. Also, Netflix’s Download For You feature will work on mobile devices.

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