Grand Theft Auto VI Might Launch in Late 2023, All to Know

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Rockstar Games, the game developer responsible for major games such as Red Dead Redemption and the Max Payne gaming series is well known not for these titles, rather for its Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, which gained traction with the launch of the GTA Vice City game and has the current iteration of the series, GTA V on offer for the last 7 years.

GTA V is one of the most popular titles all around the world, with the game still in demand despite launching back in September of 2013 across platforms such as PC, PS3 and Xbox. That being said, demand is one thing, but users have been yearning for a little bit more.

It seems the answer to the multiple requests from frequent players of the Grand Theft Auto franchise may soon be met, with recent news suggesting that the launch timeline of the game has been revealed alongside a poster.

When Will GTA VI Launch?


As per popular tipster Kollege Kidd, Rockstar Games has dropped an advertisement looking for testers for its games, as is visible on his official Instagram handle. This could suggest that the game has reached an advanced developmental stage, with it being ready for proper testing.

Furthermore, additional reports have suggested that the game will launch on a global scale in late 2023, a lengthy delay resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, which is still raging on in some countries.

The Tipster’s post mentions that new job listings for game testers at certain Game studios by Rockstar have led to a reignition of the rumours of Grand Theft Auto VI, providing some hope of a closer announcement than that previously thought of.

The company is yet to make any announcements or drop hints regarding the game, causing even greater suspense, since GTA Online, which is a sub-part of GTA V is still the rage, as is evident by the increased focus it receives from developers.

The aforementioned report also states that due to the continued success of GTA Online, the game developer had shifted its priorities by shelving plans for a DLC in the single-player game and focusing on online content, which also leads to huge sums of revenue.

The Tipster has also suggested that the three job listings are for the company’s studios in Lincoln, India and Edinburgh, but, with no official announcement, this news is to be taken with a grain of salt.

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