Google Meet Increased Security for Education Meetings and More

Google Meet is getting new security features and it will improve the experience of video conferencing for educational institutes and offices

By July 22nd, 2020 AT 12:30 PM

Google likes to be at the forefront of introducing new and better technology in the world. With the increased demand in video calling, Google has been ramping up its video conferencing app Google Meet with new features and updates. On Tuesday, Google said that it is aware of the security problems that people are facing while on a video conference and thus will be rolling out several new features which will enhance the security of the app. Google Meet is very heavily used by the educational institutes and offices to teach and train other people. But one issue with such video conferences is that sometimes uninvited people or anonymous users also enter the video call.

No Google Account, No Entry

The new security feature coming to the Google Meet app will allow the host to see who can ‘Knock’ for joining a meeting. Now, the host will be able to decide if a participant who has been removed from the meeting can even knock again for joining or not. The host can also block users from entering if they don’t have a Google account. So it will become mandatory for users to join by logging into their Google account first.

Google said, “To increase the privacy of education meetings in Google Meet, anonymous users (users not signed in to a Google account) can no longer join meetings organized by anyone with a G Suite for Education or G Suite Enterprise for Education license. This prevents participants from sharing a link publicly to encourage anonymous users to request access. Note, this does not prevent users from dialling in by phone.”

The new features will be rolled out for the users globally in a gradual manner. Google has been fiercely updating its video conferencing app. Much recently, it integrated Google Meet with Gmail for Android smartphone users. It will make the video calling experience more seamless and people will be able to start or join a call via entering a simple code. If you are a G Suite user though, you will have the option of removing Google Meet from Gmail.

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