GoNetspeed Expands Fiber Internet to Depew, Lancaster, and Easthampton

GoNetspeed expands its fiber internet services to Depew, Lancaster, and Easthampton, providing high-speed connectivity to thousands of residents and businesses. The company aims to bridge the digital divide and empower communities with reliable and fast internet access.


  • GoNetspeed brings high-speed fiber internet to Depew, Lancaster, and Easthampton.
  • Partnership with the City of Easthampton to provide fully funded fiber internet access.
  • Symmetrical fiber internet speeds ranging from 250 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

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GoNetspeed Expands Fiber Internet to Depew, Lancaster, and Easthampton

GoNetspeed, a leading US provider of fibre internet services, announces its expansion to Depew and Lancaster, bringing reliable and high-speed connectivity to over 10,000 residents and businesses. In a separate partnership, GoNetspeed has also joined forces with the City of Easthampton to provide fully funded fibre internet access to its entire community, according to the statement.

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GoNetspeed's Fiber Internet Expansion

GoNetspeed continues its journey to provide future-proof fibre internet infrastructure to communities across the United States. According to the statement, with the recent expansion to Depew and Lancaster, residents and businesses in these areas now have access to GoNetspeed's fast and reliable fibre internet services.

GoNetspeed continues to ensure that more communities throughout New York have access to a high-speed 100 percent fibre internet infrastructure. Currently, Canandaigua, Cheektowaga, Depew, Geneva, Lancaster, Macedon, Newark, Palmyra, Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and several more communities throughout the state have access to GoNetspeed's service.

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Partnership with Easthampton for Broadband Access

In a collaboration, GoNetspeed has partnered with the City of Easthampton to offer its residents and businesses access to high-speed fibre internet. Through a fully funded USD 3.6 million investment, Easthampton will soon experience the benefits of GoNetspeed's symmetrical fibre internet speeds.

Construction is scheduled to begin this fall, with the first customers eligible for service installation by early 2024. The initiative aims to provide Easthampton's approximately 9,000 homes and businesses with reliable, affordable, and high-speed internet connectivity.

Bridging the Digital Divide

GoNetspeed's expansion to Depew, Lancaster, and Easthampton underscores the company's commitment to bridging the digital divide. By offering state-of-the-art fibre internet infrastructure, GoNetspeed says it empowers communities by providing access to faster, more reliable internet connections. With symmetrical upload and download speeds ranging from 250 Mbps to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps), residents and businesses can enjoy seamless online experiences, improved productivity, and enhanced economic growth.

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Accelerating Fiber Network Expansion

With its focus on innovation, customer service, and community development, GoNetspeed is accelerating the expansion of fibre networks across nine states, including New York and Massachusetts. The company aims to deliver more fibre, access, speed, and reliability to residents and businesses, enabling them to fully embrace the digital age.

Residents and businesses interested in GoNetspeed's fibre internet services can visit gonetspeed.com to check service availability for their location and sign up for priority installation once the service is available.

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