Excitel Broadband’s Top Offering Embarrasses ACT Fibernet’s Plan

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Excitel Broadband

Excitel and ACT Fibernet are two private Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who have an ambitious goal of bringing the best broadband services to the people of India. Both the companies have continuously invested in their fiber networks and spread business to different parts of the country. However, no second thoughts come to our mind on the fact that Excitel’s top plan has absolutely crushed the 300 Mbps broadband offering of ACT Fibernet. This is because of multiple reasons that we are listing below.

Excitel Crushes ACT Fibernet in Offering the Better 300 Mbps Broadband Plan

First of all, note that, unlike Excitel, ACT Fibernet’s broadband plans are not standard all over the country. We are taking the 300 Mbps broadband plan of the company that it offers to the users in the Ahmedabad circle. As for Excitel, the ISP doesn’t offer internet services in this part of the country.

Starting with the ACT Fibernet’s 300 Mbps broadband plan in the Ahmedabad circle, users can purchase the plan for Rs 1,899 per month. Users can also purchase this plan for long-term validities of Rs 1,627 for 6 months and Rs 1,582 for 12 months. The speed offered with this plan is symmetrical for both uploading and downloading.

Users get 3.3TB fair-usage-policy (FUP) data with the plan. Post the consumption of FUP data, the internet speed for the user drops to 3 Mbps. There are over-the-top (OTT) benefits included as well, but neither of them is actually worth it.

Let’s take a look at Excitel’s plan now. The 300 Mbps plan from Excitel comes for Rs 899 per month. It is Rs 1,000 cheaper than the plan from ACT Fibernet’s. Further, users don’t have to worry about any FUP limit on their data consumption. The company offers truly unlimited data to the users meaning they can consume as much data as they want. When users purchase this plan for the long term, they can get the monthly price of the plan significantly down. For 12 months, the same plan can be purchased for a monthly price of Rs 499.

There are OTT benefits also included with the plan. Users who purchase the plan for at least three months get a free subscription to four different OTT platforms - ShemarooMe, Eros Now, Voot Select, and ZEE5 Premium.

In comparison, it is clear that there’s no way ACT Fibernet’s 300 Mbps broadband plan can beat the offering from Excitel. In every aspect, the plan from Excitel is better than ACT Fibernet’s offering. ACT will need to bring something else to the game to compete with other players, or else it is going to get left behind soon.

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