What OnePlus Needs to Do Differently With the Upcoming Nord Models

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OnePlus Nord

OnePlus and its Nord series was hyped up to the extent that people were literally buying a piece of cardboard to enter the event that would reveal the Nord, with hopes of the device being reminiscent of the OnePlus that we all knew and loved.

That did not happen, with the device being much like a regular BBK electronics mid-ranger, featuring decent hardware and good software, minus the great software update support that the company came to be known for.

Following the Nord's debut, the company released two devices in European markets, namely the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100, both of which were average at best, not offering anything that could realistically compel you to choose the Nord offerings over the likes of Xiaomi or Realme devices.

Now, the company is ready for its second attempt at the Indian market, with the former being the Nord CE 5G, which will supposedly make use of a Snapdragon 750G processor. That being said, this article is not meant to discuss the rumoured specifications; rather, the objective is to list out what OnePlus needs to do differently to ensure the success of the Nord brand and its upcoming device.

Before we begin, the above paragraph might seem a bit harsh, but OnePlus, being the company that gave rise to the idea of the flagship killer, does not look good when it resorts to mediocre or lacklustre products. The Nord 1st gen sold well in the country, but, in the words of the company's ardent followers and fans, it did not live up to their expectations.

What Does OnePlus Need To Do Differently To Ensure The Success of the Nord CE 5G

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There are three ways in which OnePlus can ensure that it does not end up ruining its image further, since the last couple of months have been anything but good to the company, with its fans stating that the OnePlus of the old days is no more. Let's not get into that, as that is a conversation for another day; for now, let us list out the three ways in which the company can save itself from ruining the Nord.

1. The first option for the company is to take it slow with the marketing and promos of the Nord CE 5G. This was a con with the original Nord since the company decided to overhype it in such a manner that it ended up disappointing tons of users even during the launch event and especially during the price drop.

This time, OnePlus should lay low and not boast about the device; rather, it should try to provide regular hints and hope for the best, but, given as to how the company recently tweeted that the Nord CE 5G is the best device, putting the OnePlus 9 Pro's image in danger with the tweet later being deleted, this ship has certainly sailed.

Nord N10 5G

2. The second option for the brand is to undercut its rivals, which could be much more of a challenge considering that the likes of Xiaomi and Realme rule the market in India. However, if OnePlus does have a device that could be lacklustre or slightly behind in comparison to what Mi or Realme have to offer, they could just provide a first sale only or an initial discount that could propel sales by a decent amount.

Knowing OnePlus, however, this seems to be something that might not happen, with the company sticking to its plans, as it does not directly compare to Xiaomi and Realme.

3. The final and most important thing that OnePlus could and, in our opinion, should do to make the Nord lineup better is to provide better software support. In recent times, the 7-series of devices and the Nord has been subject to delayed software updates and, if OnePlus, a company known for its software, can address this issue, selling the phone well should be a piece of cake.

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