Excitel Broadband Offering New Fiber Plans With Double Speed for Just Rs 50 More

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Excitel, one of the fastest-growing private broadband companies in India is now offering double speed to the users at the cost of Rs 50 more per month. A thing worth remembering here is that this benefit is only there on the 12 months plan. The broadband service provider offers three plans with different speeds - 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. These plans are further offered with different validities such as 1 month, 3, months, 4, months, 6 months, and so on until 12 months — more details ahead.

Pay Rs 50 More Per Month and Double the Speed With Your 12 Months Excitel Plan

The 12 months broadband plan offering 100 Mbps speed to the users is priced Rs 699 per month. But when the user purchases the plan directly for 12 months, its price drops to Rs 399 per month (Rs 4,788 for a year).

But if the user wants, he/she can pay Rs 50 more per month on the 12 months plan and get the 200 Mbps plan instead of the 100 Mbps one. The price of the 200 Mbps plan for 1 year is Rs 449 per month (Rs 5,388 for a year). Likewise, by paying Rs 50 more on the Rs 449 per month plan, the user could get the 300 Mbps plan for Rs 499 per month (Rs 5,988 for a year) with 12 months validity.

The new plans are going to be applicable from December 1, 2020. Just for comparison, the 200 Mbps, 1-month plan costs Rs 799 and 300 Mbps, 1-month plan costs Rs 899. When looked carefully, the price difference between the one-month plans is Rs 100.

So going by the same logic, the user can double his/her internet speed by paying Rs 100 extra for the one-month plans. The only major difference would be the base price between the per month cost when the user purchases a plan for 12 months and the per month cost when the plan is purchased on a 1-month basis.

Vivek Raina, CEO and Co-Founder, Excitel, said, “We are offering 100 Mbps speed without any data restrictions at an affordable cost of INR 399/month. Our packages are truly unlimited, moderately priced and we try to deliver the best in class services and technology within that price.”

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