Excitel 200 Mbps Broadband Plan One of the Cheapest in India

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Excitel has very rapidly become a major fiber broadband internet service provider (ISP) of India. The company started providing services at select locations initially and now has expanded across multiple cities of India.

What sets Excitel truly apart from other broadband service providers is its cheap plans. Excitel offers some of the cheapest internet plans in the broadband market of India. For example, one could get the 300 Mbps plan from Excitel for a mere cost of Rs 499 per month if they bought the plan for 12 months.

Likewise, Excitel’s 200 Mbps plan costs Rs 449 per month only. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it is true. However, to get it for such a cheap price, you will have to purchase the plan for 12 months.

Excitel 200 Mbps Broadband Plan, One of the Cheapest in Industry

Excitel offers its 200 Mbps plan for a monthly cost of Rs 799 if the user is only purchasing it for one month. The company says it is a very good speed and is dedicated to people who download a lot.

Excitel offers its 200 Mbps plan in 6 different validity configurations. Users can get this plan for 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months. If the users go for the 3 months validity option, the monthly cost of the plan drops down to Rs 638, meaning users will have to make a total payment of Rs 1,914 (exclusive of taxes).

Further, users going for the four months plan can get it at a monthly cost of Rs 572 if they make a one-time payment of Rs 2,288 (exclusive of taxes).

Then, for 6 months validity, users can get the monthly price of the plan to drop to Rs 545. This plan will entail a one-time payment of Rs 3,720 (exclusive of taxes).

If you want your 200 Mbps plan for a monthly price of less than Rs 500, you can either get the 9 months plan or the 12 months plans.

With 9 months validity, the monthly cost of the plan comes down to Rs 471, meaning a one-time payment of Rs 4,239 (exclusive of taxes). However, for 12 months, this plan’s monthly cost drops to Rs 449 only. It would mean a one-time payment of Rs 5,388 (exclusive of taxes).

Just for comparison, Jio’s 150 Mbps broadband plan costs Rs 11,988 (exclusive of taxes) for approximately 13 months, meaning a monthly cost of Rs 922.15, again without taxes. Airtel Xstream Fiber’s 200 Mbps plan costs Rs 849 per month when purchased for 12 months.

The annual, as well as monthly 200 Mbps plan from Excitel is very cheap when compared with the top ISPs in India. However, there’s one thing, Excitel doesn’t offer any over-the-top (OTT) benefits.

But yes, the ISP offers truly unlimited data with its plans. The website of the company mentions that users get high-speed data without any monthly FUP limit. Another cost that new users of Excitel will have to incur is of Rs 2,000 as a refundable security deposit against the ONU devices provided.

However, users will be exempt from any installation charges.

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