Excitel Broadband Offers 300 Mbps Plan at a Cost of Only Rs 499 Per Month

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Excitel is one of the fastest-growing broadband companies in India. The fiber broadband company has been rapidly expanding its operations and is now offering services in over 15 cities of the country. The internet service provider (ISP) offers only three broadband plans with 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps speed options. If you are looking for a high-speed plan at a low cost, Excitel is offering its 300 Mbps broadband plan for a mere cost of Rs 499 per month. Mentioned below are all the details of the plan.

Excitel 300 Mbps Plan

Excitel offers its 300 Mbps for a monthly cost of Rs 499 to the users when they purchase it for a validity of 12 months. So essentially, the user will have to shell out a total of Rs 5,988 (exclusive of taxes) at once.

But it would still be a lot cheaper than purchasing the 300 Mbps plan by paying every month for 12 months. The standalone cost of the plan on a monthly basis is Rs 899. So by purchasing the plan for 12 months directly, users are saving Rs 400 per month, which equates to savings of Rs 4,800 in a year.

Users can also get this plan for a validity of 6 months. The monthly cost for that would be Rs 600, which would equate to a one-time payment of Rs 3,600 (exclusive of taxes).

Interestingly, Excitel offers the 300 Mbps plan with a validity of 9 months. The monthly cost for the 300 Mbps plan when bought for 9 months comes down to Rs 533 per month, which would equate to a one-time payment of Rs 4,797 (exclusive of taxes).

Excitel truly offers very unique broadband plans. The company doesn’t charge for installation but does take a security deposit of Rs 2,000 against the ONU devices. Adding to that, the 9 months subscription plan is only available for fresh users, meaning existing users can’t enjoy its benefits.

The 300 Mbps plan is also available with a validity of 3 months and 4 months for the users. With the 3 months plan, the monthly cost becomes Rs 752 (one-time payment of Rs 2,256), and with the 4 months plan, the monthly cost comes down to Rs 636 (one-time payment of Rs 2,544). It is worth noting that all the prices mentioned above are exclusive of taxes.

The company recommends a dual-band fiber Wi-Fi router for anyone purchasing its broadband plans.

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