Excitel Broadband 100 Mbps Plan Available for Less Than Rs 400 Per Month

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Excitel offers its basic broadband plan with 100 Mbps speed. This plan has all the benefits that a standard 100 Mbps plan from any other operator would have. The internet service provider (ISP) is rapidly expanding its services throughout India, including major cities such as Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, and more. If you want a cheap 100 Mbps broadband plan, you can check out the offerings of Excitel. It is offering the 100 Mbps plan for less than Rs 400 per month. Take a look at all the details of the plan.

Excitel 100 Mbps Plan Cost and Other Details

Excitel’s 100 Mbps will cost users Rs 399 per month only if they purchase it for 12 months together. The total cost for the user would become Rs 4,788 (exclusive of 18% GST).

This plan offers unlimited data without any fair usage policy (FUP) limitations. Excitel offers the same plan with different validity periods as well. The 100 Mbps plan from Excitel also comes for 9 months (only for new users) and costs Rs 424 per month, meaning a total payment of Rs 5,088 (exclusive of 18% GST).

The one-month subscription of the same plan will come for Rs 699 per month (without GST). It is worth noting that the same plan is also available in different validities of 3, 4, and 6 months.

With the 3 months validity, the price of the plan becomes Rs 565 per month, meaning a one-time payment of Rs 1,695 (exclusive of GST).

For 4 months, the monthly price drops to Rs 408, meaning a one-time payment of Rs 2,032 (exclusive of taxes), and for 6 months, the monthly price becomes Rs 490 per month, which means a one-time payment of Rs 2,940 (exclusive of taxes).

Excitel charges Rs 2,000 as a refundable security deposit against the ONU devices it provides to the users, but there are no installation charges. The ISP recommends users to get a dual-band Wi-Fi router if they are purchasing a fiber connection.

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