How to Shift WhatsApp Group to Signal?

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Ever since the Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp revealed its privacy policy, an array of users started looking out for alternative social media apps. Signal was one of the prime apps that gained significance after the privacy policy controversy of WhatsApp. The recent mass query that broke out in public was how to shift WhatsApp groups to Signal. However, switching platforms often involve stupefaction of forfeiting data on the platform. New Signal users have been facing difficulty signing in, which also includes moving old WhatsApp groups to Signal. Signal finally solved the issues, and here’s how to shift WhatsApp groups to the Signal. Read the article to the end for a detailed guide.

Steps to Shift WhatsApp Group to Signal

To transfer your old WhatsApp group to Signal, all you need to do is follow four easy steps. Firstly, open the Signal app and create a new group. And once the group is created, tap into group settings and then the “group link” option. Turn on the group link and tap ‘Share’.

Finally, share the link in the former messenger of choice, in this case, WhatsApp. After receiving the invite link, the users can share it in their previous groups enabling other members to directly join the group themselves in the newly created group.

More Things to Know About Signal

Signal is expected to roll out new intriguing features in India to hoist the experience for users. The upcoming feature list includes chat wallpapers, animated stickers and for iOS users, media auto-download settings and full-screen profile pictures which are already present in the Android version. Signal also provides a desktop client feature for Windows, Linux as well as Mac. Users can have a one-to-one conversation using Signal and also add up to a thousand members in a group.

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