Dish TV Adds ‘Al Jazeera-FREE’ Channel, Removes Multiple Old Ones

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Dish TV, the second-largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in India, has recently added a new channel and removed multiple old ones. The new channel added is ‘Al Jazeera’. For the unaware, Al Jazeera is a news TV channel with a vast and extensive broadcasting network. It is considered a very reliable source of gaining news and information about world politics and more topics.

Any content delivered by Al Jazeera is in the English language. With the addition of Al Jazeera, Dish TV is improving its portfolio of reliable news channels. The channel has already been a part of Dish TV before, but it was removed from the platform just about a month ago.

However, the channel has found its way back, but at a new logical channel number (LCN). Earlier it was available at LCN 618, but according to Dish TV’s website, its new channel number is 787. It is still a free channel, so Dish TV users won’t have to pay anything for consuming content from Al Jazeera.

Dish TV Removes DD Bihar, DD Jharkand and More Free Channels

Dish TV has also removed 4 free channels and one premium channel from its platform. These six channels include - DD Bihar, DD Jharkand, Sadhna Bhakti, Maha Punjabi, Manoranjan Movies, and Marathi Active. Out of these, only Marathi Active came at Rs 40 per month; others were free.

DD Bihar was available at LCN 1565, DD Jharkand at LCN 1566, Sadhna Bhakti at LCN 1059, Maha Punjabi at LCN 4049, and Manoranjan Movies at LCN 4030. We couldn’t confirm the LCN of Marathi Active; however, the channel has been removed from the platform nonetheless.

This is regular work for Dish TV and all the other DTH operators of the country. Due to several reasons, at regular intervals, DTH companies add and remove channels. The removed channels can still make their way back on the platform shortly.

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