T-Mobile is Offering Samsung Galaxy A32 5G for Free in US, Check Details

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T-Mobile has taken the 5G game to another level today in the United States by announcing that the company is offering a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G if you give them your old phone. Yes! We are not joking, it's true, but there is still some catch to it. Do note that the phone you are giving away has to be in working condition. The official website also confirmed that you can also trade in any phone be it a flip phone. Let’s have a closer look at the announcement made by T-Mobile to take on its rivals.

T-Mobile Offering Free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

According to the telco, 60 million users are still stuck on an AT&T or Verizon smartphone with limited data plans. The company also claimed that most of the users don’t even get 5G access at the average price they are paying to other telecom operators. With T-Mobile, users can upgrade to an unlimited 5G data plan at the same price or even less compared to other operators.

Do note that the company is offering the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone after 24 monthly bill credits and it is only charging the sales tax. Nothing comes for free, but the deal is pretty awesome because you don't have to pay the entire amount and it's almost free. Also, this offer applies to new and existing customers.

The cherry on the cake is that the existing T-Mobile postpaid customer, including all former Sprint customers who are still on a limited data plan will be upgraded to an unlimited data plan for absolutely free. It seems that T-Mobile has become Reliance Jio for the United States telecom subscribers. The company has come up with some bold marketing moves that seem to lure in more subscribers.

Meanwhile, the company has also launched its Home Internet with more than 30 million households eligible. This makes the company one of the largest broadband providers in the entire country.

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