Tata Sky Broadband Expands 1 Gbps Plan Availability to More Cities in India

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Tata Sky Broadband has expanded the availability of its 1 Gbps speed plan to more cities in India. The internet service provider (ISP) started by offering the 1 Gbps plan in the Wagholi Suburb, Pune.

The rest of the cities/circles got a maximum speed plan of either 500 Mbps or 300 Mbps. But now, Tata Sky Broadband has expanded its 1 Gbps plan offering to more cities including Mumbai/Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata. We could’t confirm the availability of the plan in other circles of India.

But we expect the 1 Gbps plan to be available in each circle Tata Sky Broadband is providing its services in. Let’s take a look at the 1 Gbps plan and its pricing.

Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps Plan Price and Policies

The 1 Gbps broadband plan from Tata Sky comes for a monthly cost of Rs 3,600, quarterly cost of Rs 10,800, semi-annual cost of Rs 19,800, and annual cost of Rs 36,000.

This brings down the price of the plan from Rs 3,600 per month to Rs 3,300 per month (for 6 months/semi-annual plan) and Rs 3,000 per month (for 12 months/annual plan). So the users will effectively save a total of Rs 1,800 with the 6 months plan and Rs 7,200 with the 12 months plan.

For the unaware, Tata Sky offers 3,300GB or 3.3TB fair usage policy (FUP) data with its 1 Gbps plan. Post consumption of FUP data, the speed for the users will drop to 3 Mbps.

Do note that users living in the Kalyan-Dombivali city will only get a total of 1.5TB or 1,500GB FUP data in a month. Users who want to get a landline connection will have to purchase the telephone equipment separately.

Further, Tata Sky Broadband has specified on its website that the user will get up to 450 Mbps speed with its 1 Gbps plan when on Wi-Fi and up to 900 Mbps speed using LAN. Adding to this, the connected device to the Tata Sky Broadband network should be able to support 5 GHz band connectivity.

However, the user can easily get more than 450 Mbps speed on his/her Wi-Fi network if they purchase a modern router with support for latest-generation technologies.

Tata Sky will provide free installation to the users along with free dual-band router which will only be able to support up to 450 Mbps speeds.

In comparison, Airtel Xstream Fiber offers users a 4x4 Wi-Fi router for free when they purchase the 1 Gbps plan. The router can easily support very high speeds of up to 1 Gbps while the one provided by Tata Sky is not good enough.

This is a little strange from Tata Sky Broadband since the company should ideally provide the users with an apt Wi-Fi router when they purchase the 1 Gbps plan. However, users have the option of not going with the router provided by Tata Sky Broadband.

They can get a 4x4 Wi-Fi router very easily in the local market or online and elevate their internet experience.

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