Tata Sky Broadband Offering 1 Gbps Plan With Unlimited Data, All to Know

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Tata Sky Broadband, one of the fastest-growing internet service providers (ISPs) in India, is now offering a 1 Gbps speed plan. Until now, the maximum speed offered by the ISP in any of its plans was 300 Mbps. But as per a tweet from Balasaheb Satav, Tata Sky is offering a 1 Gbps plan to its users. However, this plan isn’t available in every city yet, but it might be extended soon. The 1 Gbps plan is only offered in Wagholi (Pune suburb) and comes with multiple benefits like other Tata Sky Broadband plans — more details on the story ahead.

Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps Plan Details

Tata Sky Broadband is offering its 1 Gbps plan to the users with unlimited data. Unlimited data in the case of Tata Sky Broadband means 3.3TB or 3,300GB data for the month. Post consumption of the fair-usage-policy (FUP) data, users can continue browsing at 3 Mbps speeds.

Both the downloading and uploading speed offered with this plan is uniform which is 1 Gbps. The ISP is offering this plan in three different validity options: 3, 6, and 12 months. The 3 months plan will cost users Rs 14,160, 6 months plan will cost Rs 26,196, and 12 months plan will cost Rs 48,144.

Note that all the prices are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). This means that for the 3 months plan, the user is paying Rs 4,720 per month, for 6 months Rs 4,366 per month, and lastly, for 12 months it becomes Rs 4,012 per month.

Tata Sky Broadband offers this plan with free installation services, a free Wi-Fi router, and a nil security deposit. This is the first time Tata Sky Broadband has introduced a 1 Gbps plan. The ISP offered plans ranging from 50 Mbps to 300 Mbps until now.

Users also get a free landline service with this broadband plan. This pricing will certainly give competition to other ISPs such as Airtel Xstream Fiber and JioFiber, which offer a 1 Gbps plan as well. The price of the annual validity plan providing 1 Gbps speed to the users from Tata Sky is almost similar to that of the Airtel Xstream Fiber and JioFiber.

However, there is one thing that is still missing from the broadband offerings of Tata Sky, and that is over-the-top (OTT) benefits. Other ISPs offer their users OTT benefits and thus take the lead over Tata Sky Broadband in that regards. If Tata Sky started offering OTT benefits with its broadband plans, it would become one of the best ISP's in India.

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