Dish TV Bets on ‘Scan to Help’ Feature for Reducing Calls to Customer Care

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Dish TV, one of India's largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operators, has announced ‘Scan to Help’ feature for its mobile app ‘My DishTV’. The concept of this new feature has been founded by the first runner-up in ‘Dish-a-thon’ 2020 which coincidentally happens to be an in-house team for the DTH company - ‘Team DishTV’. The new feature called ‘Scan to Help’ will be available for every subscriber of Dish TV who is logged in on its mobile app. With the ‘Scan to Help’ feature, Dish TV is banking on reducing the number of calls that its customer care team has to handle daily — more details ahead.

Dish TV ‘Scan to Help’ is a Self-Help Feature for Subscribers

The ‘Scan to Help’ feature from Dish TV is aimed at helping all the new and existing subscribers of the company to solve any error or problem they are facing with the Set-Top Box (STB). With this in mind, Dish TV is looking to reduce the number of customer care calls it receives regularly. Along with the reduction in the number of customer care calls, it will also help the company in achieving higher C-SAT with an opportunity to cross-sell.

This new feature is exclusively available for the subscribers of the DTH platform on the ‘My DishTV’ mobile app. ‘Scan to Help’ is powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to help solve customer problems. Furthermore, users can use both Hindi and English languages for interacting with the new feature.

Whenever there is an error with the STB, the subscriber can open the mobile app and resort to this feature for self-help. Subscribers can simply scan the error plate upon which the app will reflect the user’s current subscription and account status.

If there is an issue of bad weather condition at the broadcasting centre, then it will check the weather conditions in the subscriber’s locality and automatically go ahead with technical troubleshooting the issue.

However, users can still get in touch with the customer care team of Dish TV. The ‘Scan to Help’ feature of Dish TV will allow users to create tickets right in the process of identifying and solving the problem.

In case the issue is resolved on its own or with the troubleshooting, the subscriber can continue with consuming services. But if it isn't resolved, subscribers will still have an option of resorting to the customer care ticket which was created during the process.

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